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Look Back, Reflect, But Be Kind To Yourself

I love this time of year for reflecting, evaluating and planning. I enjoy spending time looking back over the year and thinking about what I have achieved and what didn’t work out. I love the process of reviewing and tying up loose ends, putting the year to bed properly. This then leaves me free to make my plans for next year. If you read my blog post from this time last year, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions in the traditional sense. I do like to have goals in mind that are quite specific but don't find I keep resolutions. Over the last few years I have taken to making one word resolutions to live my life by [...]
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How To Motivate Yourself to Run During the Winter Months

It's Winter. The days are shorter and the summer clothes have been packed away and replaced by layers and big coats in preparation for the seasonal temperature drop. While this is a beautiful time of year, when it comes to running, for me it signals a need to dig even deeper to find motivation.  I have to try really hard to make myself keep up with the good running habits I established over the summer months. Here is my advice on how to motivate yourself to run during the darker months: 1) Enter a Race I find the best motivation to run [...]
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5 Tips For Running With Your Buggy In Winter

Keeping your small children warm (much like them making sure they are fed) is such a powerful need.   It’s an emotional concern, not just a task. Even though it is good for them to get some fresh air and for you to get you some exercise the cold and wild weather can be off-putting. So, when you are considering taking them out with you into the wind, rain and cold, it’s only right that you spend [...]