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A-Z Glossary of running terminology from Run Mummy Run

Runner’s Glossary – An A-Z Guide of common running terminology and acronyms

Arm sleeves Arm sleeves (or arm warmers) are popular with runners to keep their arms warm when the weather is a bit chilly without over-heating in a long sleeved top! Buggy Running Buggy running has become a popular way for new parents to run with their baby. Specialist running buggies have been designed to keep your baby safe and to make running comfortable for you. For more information about buggy running see our blog 9 reasons you should give buggy running a go. Carb loading Carb loading is what runners traditionally do before races such [...]
Trainer and running tights running confidence article Run Mummy Run

How can I improve my running confidence?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s an age-old question that’s pretty difficult to answer, but surprisingly it can help to give us an insight into why confidence in sport can often be elusive. Sport science research tells us that the biggest source of self-confidence in sport is a successful performance, which is great to know and [...]
Be positive marathon mindset Run Mummy Run

How to have a positive marathon mindset

You’ve done all the training. You’ve banked a huge number of miles and physically you are totally ready for your marathon challenge. The hard part is over right? Unfortunately many of us have been undone at the last minute by not getting our marathon psychology right. Marathons take both physical and mental toughness to complete. It is very easy to set out in a negative frame of mind, nervous and not believing on ourselves and expecting to fail. How your race goes mentally is your choice. You can choose to believe it will go well. You can choose to believe that you can do it. Shut out those internal voices that tell you that you can’t. You absolutely can – it’s [...]

Top Tips for London Marathon First Timers

2017 will mark my third London Marathon and my ninth overall. The London marathon is a super special event – one of the biggest in the world with an unrivalled atmosphere. You will be sure to read plenty of tips about the event itself from the excellent brochure for runners and from word of mouth but here are some of the tips that only someone who has run it a few times can pass on. 1) Be prepared to get emotional There are thousands of people running the marathon for a wealth of different great causes, many of which are usually particularly personal to the runner. [...]