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My Marathon Poem by Philippa Cates

My Marathon Poem (with many, many apologies to Julia Donaldson and the Gruffalo...) A runner took a jog on a cold wet day. Hunger saw the runner and stepped into his way. “Where are you running to, oh running one? Come to the café for some tea and a bun.” “That’s terribly kind, but those days are foregone – I’m training right now for a marathon.” “A marathon, what’s a marathon?” “A marathon? Why, listen on: It’s as long as death and as hot as hell, And all through the training you’ll never feel well.” “Where are you running it?” “Right here, in this town, And there are still some spaces, I'll put [...]
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Why should I try trail running? Matt Buck’s Top Trail Running Tips

Bored of running on roads and fancy trying something a bit different? Sick of pounding those pavements and inhaling those car fumes? Had enough of waiting at traffic lights in the rain? You need to try trail running! I speak to a lot of roadrunners and it constantly amazes me how few have bothered to try trail running! Why wouldn’t you want to explore glorious countryside trails, enjoy stunning views and breathe in clean air? Here, I’m going to cover some top trail running tips and myths for first timers… You will be slower Running trails is totally different [...]
Run Mummy Run book review of Run for Your Life Jenny Baker

Run for Your Life by Jenny Baker

...How one woman ran circles around Breast Cancer Running is very important to me. It is my me time. It part of my identity – I am a runner. For me running ignites my confidence and encourages me to stretch my comfort zone. Imagine if running became your lifeline. The anchor that prevents you from breaking down and losing hope. For Jenny Baker running was a way to keep fit and a source of friendship. Her running had reached a peak and had been going really well. So well in fact that she had planned a year of running events to celebrate a significant birthday. Suddenly her life was turned upside down with the bombshell of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Run [...]