My Marathon Poem by Philippa Cates

My Marathon Poem (with many, many apologies to Julia Donaldson and the Gruffalo...) A runner took a jog on a cold wet day. Hunger saw the runner and stepped into his way. “Where are you running to, oh running one? Come to the café for some tea and a bun.” “That’s terribly kind, but those days are foregone – I’m training right now for a marathon.” “A marathon, what’s a marathon?” “A marathon? Why, listen on: It’s as long as death and as hot as hell, And all through the training you’ll never feel well.” “Where are you running it?” “Right here, in this town, And there are still some spaces, I'll put [...]
Marathon Training competition winner from Run Mummy Run

5 Things I’ve learnt about running through marathon training

5 things I've learnt about running through marathon training... 1)  Four seasons in one run In Manchester you can get all four seasons in a 15 mile run. I discovered this in the middle of a very windy hailstorm with the sun cracking the flags. The ten minutes of torrential rain (from which my feet were still squelching in my trainers) paled into insignificance as the hail hammered down on me and a man [...]

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life

World Cancer Day. What can I say, I didn’t think this day would ever be as emotional as it was but it took a turn I never imagined.  We encouraged our members to run one mile and dedicate it to a loved one who had been affected by cancer or even dedicate it to themselves. The response on our Facebook community  has been incredible. Heartfelt words about loved ones lost, fighting and surviving. Still the posts keep pouring in and it has been one of the most humbling days in my three years with Run Mummy Run. Equally as nice are the comments and messages I’ve received today thanking us for supporting this cause. All I can say is [...]