Run Mummy Run book review of Run for Your Life Jenny Baker

Run for Your Life by Jenny Baker

...How one woman ran circles around Breast Cancer Running is very important to me. It is my me time. It part of my identity – I am a runner. For me running ignites my confidence and encourages me to stretch my comfort zone. Imagine if running became your lifeline. The anchor that prevents you from breaking down and losing hope. For Jenny Baker running was a way to keep fit and a source of friendship. Her running had reached a peak and had been going really well. So well in fact that she had planned a year of running events to celebrate a significant birthday. Suddenly her life was turned upside down with the bombshell of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Run [...]

Run for Your Life – Mindful Running For a Happy Life by William Pullen

Why do you run? As a runner, this is something we get asked a lot. Why do you run? Why do I run? Some people run for the sheer joy of it. Some to maintain their weight, health or fitness. Some run for a bit of peace. An escape from the hassles of everyday life. Then there is a steadily growing group of people who use running to benefit their mental health. For many of us with depression or anxiety related disorders running is literally our saviour. Like many other women of my age I am not a stranger to the menace of the black dog. He looms over me ominously when I look back over my shoulder. Thankfully though, [...]