Kit Reviews

Echo Vibes Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a great idea. There’s no long wire to get tangled round itself in your bag, or to catch your hands or bottle in when you run. The Echo Vibes headpones look good. The wire (just connecting the ear pieces, not a long wire) and ear inserts themselves are made of waterproof material, […]

Susie Chan reviews the Adidas Mi Coach

Susie Chan is an inspirational endurance runner.  She took part in her first race in 2010 and has gone on to run thousands of miles in training and racing.  Susie loves taking part in endurance races and multi-stage ultras are her favourite type of event.  Susie’s highlights so far have been taking part in the […]

The Million Mile Light by Charlie Lawton

  Rightly or wrongly I’ve never been big on wearing safety lights or high viz clothing to keep me visible during early morning or evening runs. For some reason I’ve never thought of it as being an essential part of my running gear. But I’m married to a runner, someone who runs whatever the weather, […]

Salomon X-SCREAM 3D City Trail Running Shoes

The way I decide if I like running shoes, is by whether I can notice them or not. I know when a shoe is good by how little I can even tell I’m wearing it. When shoes are really comfortable and a good fit, you forget about them completely, and can focus just on running. […]