Virtual Races


July 10K Challenge (Lollipop)

October 5K or 10K Challenge (Masquerade Ball)

November Bring Back The Bling Challenge (Bottle Stopper)

December Advent Challenge (Medal TBC)

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What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is the new way of racing!

Want a gentle introduction into a race environment? Can’t make the logistics of a specific race but still want a challenge? Or is it that you’re looking for general motivation to get out of that door? If the answer is yes to any of these then read on…

This is an exciting but flexible way of racing which is completely dictated by you. Once you’ve entered and picked your distance, you pick the date and the route. You can train for it prior to your chosen race date or just go for it as soon as soon as the race is open! Once race day arrives get out there and give it your all, then take a picture of your distance and time (watch, phone, treadmill) as proof and send it in (all instructions given when you book). Your time will then be posted on our results table. If you’re a beginner this is a perfect way to take your first step into racing or for any runner it’s a great way to monitor your running progress and PB successes throughout the year. We have thousands of our girls taking up these races and enjoying the beautiful medal  they receive to celebrate their virtual race achievements, why not come join them!

London Bus Final
She Cracked It Ribbon
Give A Girl Final Medal
Roulette Diagonal