Nine Reasons You Should Give Buggy Running A Go

Do you own a running buggy? Running with a buggy is a popular way for new mums and dads to enjoy staying active whilst getting round the problem of childcare.  Buggy running expert Wendy Rumble, tells Run Mummy Run why she thinks Buggy Running is awesome... So I became sold on [...]

Five Tips For Running With Your Buggy In Winter

Buggy running is becoming increasingly popular. It allows you to enjoy the sport you love while sharing the outdoors with your children. Is there anything in particular you need to consider when buggy running in Winter?  We asked Wendy Rumble of for her tips for Winter buggy runs... Keeping your small children [...]

How to deal with the sun: advice for buggy runners

When the sun starts to shine and the warmth touches your skin it can be a magnificent feeling after a grey and dark winter in the UK.  But fast forward to May/June when the temperature are often over 20 degrees.  How do you deal with this sun when you rely [...]

Runner’s Glossary: An A-Z Guide of common running terminology

Are you confused by tempo runs and baffled by fartleks?  Then here is our handy Run Mummy Run Runner’s Glossary an A-Z guide of common running terms, acronyms and abbreviations…. Arm sleeves Arm sleeves (or arm warmers) are popular with runners to keep their arms warm when the weather is [...]

How to fit running into your busy life as a mum (and stay sane)

Are you feeling a little worried about how to fit in your runs? We have so many tasks to squeeze into our busy lives it can be tough to see how we can find time to train for an event? Here are my top tips to fitting in those important [...]

How do I run with a buggy?

*** Running Buggies UK is offering RMR members £20 off until the end of February 2016. Use code RMR£20off at the checkout. (This is standalone deal and not in addition to any other offer). *** Running with a buggy - I wish I'd known it was a possibility when my [...]

Can I lose weight through running?

We all run for a million different reasons. Some of us run for our mental health. Some to gain the health benefits. Some for alone time. Some to be with friends. There are many reasons to run but a common one is to lose weight. Running for weight loss is [...]

How can I run with a buggy?

Are you a new parent wondering about how to run with a buggy?  It can be difficult to find useful information about buggy running.  Run Mummy Run and buggy running expert Wendy Rumble, Founder of Running Buggies UK, have put together a handy buggy running guide to answer all of your questions... [...]

When can I run after a caesarean?

If you're reading this right now, chances are we have two things in common: we’re both mums and we both want to run. And you know what? We’re both superheroes too. That’s right - bonafide superheroes. This is because as well as making a baby, carrying that little bundle of [...]

Why I love Run Mummy Run

Defintion: Community (Mass Noun). The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common Even though it is based online, Run Mummy Run is a true community. It is an amazing group where women’s running flourishes and friendships are forged.  Women support women, through both good and bad [...]

Testing out the KitBrix kit bag system

Run Mummy Run community member Tracy was excited to be given the opportunity to write a kit review about the KitBrix kit bag system.  As a busy 39 year old mum of 2 boys (age 7 & 2) anything that could keep her kids and kit organised would be a [...]

Look Back, Reflect, But Be Kind To Yourself

I love this time of year for reflecting, evaluating and planning. I enjoy spending time looking back over the year and thinking about what I have achieved and what didn’t work out. I love the process of reviewing and tying up loose ends, putting the year to bed properly. This then leaves [...]

Run Mummy Run Marathon Training Competition Winner

Meet Hannah Gregory.  Hannah is the winner of the Run Mummy Run marathon training package competition. She has won a personalised training plan and on-line support from Matt Buck of Running Adventures . Over the next few months we will be following Hannah's progress towards hopefully her best 26.2.  This is [...]