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Everything you need to know about canicross

Looking to learn how to canicross and run with your dog?

DogFit are a leading supplier of quality canicross kit and classes in the UK. We offer classes to help get you started, either through our network of certified DogFit Trainers, or virtual online support. We also manufacture our own canicross kit here in the UK and offer free kit consultations to help ensure you find the right kit for you and your dog.

We are passionate about encouraging and supporting people and their dogs to get fit in a fun, safe and social way. We welcome everyone and believe that you don’t have to be a runner or be super fit to enjoy taking part in this great sport. We celebrate the achievements of every canicrosser whether you want to jog 1K or run a marathon with your dog.

The Run Mummy Run community can get a 5% discount on orders. Use code ‘RMR’ at checkout.

FEATURED: Pellitec

Blister protection for runners

PelliTec® is a blister prevention pad that has been created and developed in the UK.

The circular pads, which stick to footwear not the skin, are aimed at outdoor and sports enthusiasts, runners, hikers and gym-goers. They are also suitable for shoppers who are experiencing discomfort from wearing new footwear as they provide relief from the pain and irritation of blisters.

By sticking securely to the inside of your footwear and over the blister, the PelliTec® blister prevention pad works to cushion and protect the affected area wicking away moisture thereby reducing pressure, pain and the risk of infection.

The PelliTec® blister prevention pad addresses the three causative factors in blister creation – reduces direct pressure, decreases the shear force by allowing 360-degree lateral movement and wicks away moisture further reducing friction.


FREE audio workouts and training plans + 20% off

Run, walk, meditate, spin, HIIT… and do it all with the Auro app – your audio personal trainer.

The Auro app offers over 450+ on-demand fitness classes and training plans, all guided by expert personal trainers. Choose from a range of home, outdoor and gym workouts, tailored to your fitness goal and level; including HIIT, outdoor runs, strength, rowing, yoga, meditation and more! You can pair your smartwatch or heart-rate monitor to track your metrics in real-time, run to top chart music or your own Spotify playlist, and compete with friends in virtual challenges so you can try and smash your PB every time!

The app also has structured training plans for every goal, from running your first mile all the way to training for a half-marathon or losing weight. For your runs, you can track all your metrics within the app including pace, distance, calories, time splits and the route you took.

Join now for a 30-day free trial and get an exclusive 20% off after your trial with code ‘RMR20’.


Save 15% on touch screen friendly running gloves!

eGloves are fabulous mobile phone-friendly gloves, specially developed for all things sporty and outdoorsy.

Their running gloves are warm, light and developed to a professional level by industry experts. Combining conductive fingertip technology with hi-vis colours and details, you can opt for the lighter-weight or thermal running gloves and choose from an array of snazzy designs from just £13.99 a pair.

Whether your preference is for marathon running, cross country or a quick jog around the block, with eGlove you can kiss goodbye to cold hands but stay in touch at all times.

Grab your 15% off any order over £10 with discount code ‘RMR15OFF’.

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