The Healthier Track

The Healthier Track is a community for women looking to stay healthy and happy

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The Healthier Track is a community by Run Mummy Run covering a wide range of subjects surrounding women’s health.

Our 6 lanes of health, happiness and wellbeing are:

Women’s Health

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Sleep and Relaxation

Exercise and Fitness

Healthy Experiences and Entertainment

Kit and Equipment

The Healthier Track is not only a forum for conversation; we have a range of experts on board to offer their own advice and help on specific topics. There will also be new, regular content to support you, including blogs, weekly discussion topics and Q&A sessions. There is a wealth of knowledge right here for you at your fingertips to enjoy and benefit from.

Most importantly, we will be here supporting you to stay on track and be your healthiest, happiest self.

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We are UK based; worldwide welcome!

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