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Go Faster Food
Real food
for runners

Go Faster Food

Created by author of Go Faster Food and food guru to Athletics Weekly Kate Percy, Go Bites are totally delicious bite-sized energy balls. Based on Kate’s simple ethos that ‘Real Food Fuels You Better®’, they’re nutritionally balanced for before, during and after workout or to fuel your busy day:

  • Date & Coconut BOOST
  • Apricot & Seed REFUEL
  • Hazelnut & Cacao RECOVER (source of protein)

A brand with a strong social purpose, 10% of net profits from Go Faster Food’s food products are put back into Kate’s Eat Like An Athlete education programme.

We’re delighted to offer 10% off Kate Percy’s Go Bites to Run Mummy Run members, as well as off Kate’s best-selling book Go Faster Food for your Active Family. Use the code RMR10 when checking out.

The Runners
Training Journals, Calendars & Accessories


The Runners is a range of stationery and accessories in quirky and relatable characters. There is a large choice of training journals, as well as headwear, race bib clips, calendars, pens and more.

Here are some of the characters: The Jeffing Runner, The Junior Runner, The Can’t Be Arsed Runner, The Selfie Runner, The Half Marathon Runner, The Everything Hurts and I’m Dying Runner, The Trail Runner, The Fancy Dress Runner, The Club Runner, The Marathon Runner, The Colour Coordinated Runner, The parkrun Runner, The Dog Runner, The Healthy Eating Runner, The Clumsy Runner, The Hungry Runner, The Charity Runner and The Pooping Runner.

The training journals are a perfect way to record your progress and keep you both motivated and organised with your running goals and races. They make perfect gifts and keepsakes.

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Tick the ‘RMR’ box at the checkout to receive your free Run Mummy Run stickers and a packet of gum bears with your purchase.

Women's Running
Save 48% with our subscription offer


We are delighted to be able to offer an amazing subscription deal for Women’s Running magazine – get 12 issues for £24.99, saving 48% on the shop price.

Packed with training advice, covering everything from 5K to ultra-marathons, Women’s Running is targeted at female runners of all abilities and experiences. In addition to the training advice, plans and workouts, the magazine includes all the information you’ll need on running nutrition, the latest gear, overcoming injury and getting in shape.

Monkeyface Murals
Custom medal hangers and displays

Monkeyface Murals offers beautiful sporting medal boards in a range of wonderful colours and styles for you to display your race achievements on.

It also offers personal touches and phrases to suit your own running goals.

Get in touch with Nicola and the team who are ready to discuss ideas and create your achievement masterpiece!

Use code ‘RMR2015’ (type in the ‘promo code’ box) for £1.50 off your item.