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How to go that extra mile with the help of your audio running coach

Our friends at Auro have written a guest blog just for us, to help you improve your running technique and go that extra mile. To start your 30-day free trial and get 20% off after your trial expires, use code RMR20 at checkout.

As humans, we have an insatiable desire to always want more and do better. We’re always trying to find ways to push ourselves and improve our fitness, but when it comes to running, not everyone has the time, knowledge or motivation to improve. We can easily become a slave to our own routines and quickly get used to our weekly 5Ks. But when we stick to the same daily routine, eventually our fitness reaches a plateau. So, how do we snap out of this and find the motivation to push ourselves further?

Here are Auro’s 5 tips to help you go that extra mile and improve your overall running experience.

1. Find that inner fire

It can be really difficult to find motivation when you’re working out on your own. Having a personal trainer can give you guidance on your technique, motivate you, congratulate you on your progress and give you a massive boost just when you feel like giving up. According to a study carried out by Origin Gym, working out with a partner can help you lose up to 10 additional pounds than if you were to exercise solo.

When using the Auro app while running, you have real world-class personal trainers right beside you, guiding you through your workout, motivating and encouraging you at the right times, providing entertainment and coaching you on your form effectively.

Our PT’s ultimately help you find that inner fire and stay committed, ensuring you are putting every minute of your workout to good use and definitely feeling the burn.

2. Switch it up

Bored of your regular go-to running route? Maybe it’s conveniently located next to your kid’s school, or a perfect 5K loop back to home.

But each time you repeat the same route it becomes less challenging and our bodies adapt to this same-old exercise routine. Switching up your running route increases both strength and stamina. Did you know that running on grass engages more muscles in your feet, ankles and hips, because of the uneven surface? Perhaps get out and explore some fields instead of the pavement this weekend.

Auro’s new map feature lets you explore different running routes, allowing you to break free of your usual routine and run farther safely without getting lost. Once your run is finished, you can view the map to see the route you have completed and save this for future reflection.

You may not have the time to run for hours and switch up your route, but you can still go that extra mile efficiently without necessarily spending longer times running.

Auro tracks your running pace and distance, as well as allowing you to see your split paces and view your running routes – all from within the app! So, when your coach is asking you to run at 80% effort, you can track what pace that translates into for you.

3. Follow a training plan

Having a training programme has so many benefits, including helping to make sure you don’t under-train or over-train and providing you with goals – whether they’re long term or short term. A plan also provides you with structure, so you aren’t worried about what to do next and revert back to your old ways.

Putting together a good exercise programme is time consuming, so Auro has got you covered. Choose a plan from a range of levels and abilities, whether you are a first-time runner, a casual jogger or marathon racer. Training plans include: ‘Jog your first mile’, ‘Run your best 5K’, ‘Run a 10K’ and ‘Train for a half’. Additionally, our plans range from 4 to 12 weeks, so you can choose based on whether you are looking for a quick improvement or wanting to set a long-term goal.

4. Don’t just run

Did you know that strength training is essential in improving a runner’s roadwork? This is because it strengthens your muscles and joints, which in turn can increase stamina and decreases chance of injury.

In fact, statistics suggest the annual injury rate for runners is 85%! However, just 10-20 minutes of strength training each day can effectively reduce this rate.

Auro training plans are not just solely focused on runs. We understand that in order to advance and perform at your full potential, you must take a comprehensive approach to your training programme. Which is exactly why we incorporate strength, yoga and stretch classes into our training programmes.

5. Keep the music playing

Music is really powerful. It gets you pumped up and ready to perform your best. Listening to your favourite songs while working out boosts your spirits and distracts you from discomfort, channeling the happiness from the music into your run. In fact, music can make a workout seem 12% easier and can increase your run length by 15%!

According to one particular study, music can help you run better and even recover quicker! So, if you are close to hitting your PB mid-run and haven’t already been listening to music, plug your headphones in and put on your favourite album!

With Auro, you can connect to Spotify through the app, so you can listen to your own hit playlists while our trainers guide you through your run. If you haven’t already got a running playlist sorted, we have already made one for you! Our ‘Runners High’ playlist includes some motivating hit songs to keep up those good vibes throughout your workout.

Wrap Up

As humans, we are empowering. We are great. We are beautiful. That’s why we strive to always be the very best we can be. At Auro, we want to help you to become the very best version of yourself!

So, grab your smartphone and let the personal trainer in your pocket guide you and encourage you to run that extra mile today. Start your 30-day free trial with Auro today and use code RMR20 at checkout to get 20% off when your trial expires.

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This article has been written and supplied as part of a paid promotion with Auro.


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