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The Luxe is the stylish accessory from the makers of SPIbelt ®. From crunch to brunch, the Luxe lets you transition from daily wear to the gym and back again with the most unique and fashion-forward hands-free accessory. This belt bag is sleek and chic. The high gloss metallic buckle is located at the front so it’s comfortable to wear while you’re lying or sitting down. The headphone port that makes listening to music a breeze. As with all SPIbelt products, the Luxe is lightweight and bounce-free.


  • Headphone port
  • Soft, durable elastic
  • Pocket Expands to 7” X 3” x 2” to hold larger smartphones including the iPhone®8 Plus,X,11 and Galaxy Note 9/ Galaxy S20 and similar
  • Customise the Fit: 24-47 inches


For running we recommend wearing the SPIbelt quite low around the waist/hips as this ensures that the belt does not bounce and is the most comfortable position.

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