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Get 20% off this audio fitness training app

Auro is an audio fitness app that offers on-demand workouts and training plans, curated by the the UK’s best running coaches, and tailored to your fitness goal and level. Like a personal running coach in your ear, Auro guides and motivates you through every step.

Run Mummy Run is delighted to partner with Auro to be our exclusive training app partner for our members.

Start your 30-day free trial and get 20% off an annual subscription with promo code ‘RMR20’ at www.auro.fit.

Get 15% these mobile phone friendly gloves


eGloves are fabulous mobile phone-friendly gloves, specially developed for all things sporty and outdoorsy.

The running gloves are warm, light and developed to a professional level by industry experts. Combining conductive fingertip technology with hi-vis colours and details, you can opt for either lighter-weight or thermal running gloves, and choose from an array of snazzy designs from just £13.99 a pair. Whether your preference is for marathon running, cross-country or a quick jog around the block, with eGlove you can kiss goodbye to cold hands, but stay in touch at all times.

eGlove is offering 15% discount on its running gloves to Run Mummy Run members. Just head over to the website and use code ‘RMR18’ at checkout.

Women's Running
Save 48% with our subscription offer

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We are delighted to be able to offer an amazing subscription deal for Women’s Running magazine – get 12 issues for £24.99, saving 48% on the shop price.

Packed with training advice, covering everything from 5K to ultra-marathons, Women’s Running is targeted at female runners of all abilities and experiences. In addition to the training advice, plans and workouts, the magazine includes all the information you’ll need on running nutrition, the latest gear, overcoming injury and getting in shape.

Monkeyface Murals
Custom medal hangers and displays

Monkeyface Murals offers beautiful sporting medal boards in a range of wonderful colours and styles for you to display your race achievements on.

It also offers personal touches and phrases to suit your own running goals.

Get in touch with Nicola and the team who are ready to discuss ideas and create your achievement masterpiece!

Use code ‘RMR2015’ (type in the ‘promo code’ box) for £1.50 off your item.