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This section explains how Run Mummy Run works with partners, affiliates and advertisers.

Run Mummy Run operates as a business on a for-profit basis, to sustain the work, projects and growth of its community. As a business, we accept advertising, sponsorship, affiliations and partnerships with a selected number of brands offering services or products we feel are relevant to our community. These are paid-for opportunities that Run Mummy Run profits from.

However, while we get an exceptional number of enquiries about advertising and promotional activity, we carefully consider each and every company on its own merits. We will only work with other brands, companies, charities and events that we feel are right for our community and share our ethos. They must also have a clear link to running. Read our Mission Statement for more on our ethos.


Brands and companies may pay to advertise and market their services through Run Mummy Run’s channels, which includes social media, Facebook Groups, our newsletter and webpage. We post content on their behalf and endeavour to make it clear that these items have been paid for, using terms such as ‘Sponsored blog’, ‘Sponsored content’ or #ad.

We only offer advertising and marketing packages to brands, products, services and events we feel would be of interest to our community. We limit the amount of advertising that is allowed within our main Community Group.

Banner ads and promotional posts may contain links to third-party websites. We are not responsible for the content on these third-party websites. Please contact the relevant site owner for concerns regarding a third-party website.

To find out more about advertising with Run Mummy Run, please contact [email protected].

We do not share member data or personal information with any of our advertisers.

Partnerships and affiliations

Run Mummy Run affiliates itself with a number of other companies, as affiliates or corporate/family partners. We have entered into an agreement with these brands and companies, and we have been financially compensated either in the form of a one-off payment or as an on-going referral fee.

In return, we promote those services on all our channels, including within our Community Facebook Group. We have hand-selected all of the brands, services, products and events that we work with to ensure that they are the right fit for Run Mummy Run. There is no obligation for any Run Mummy Run member to purchase from, engage in or attend any of the brands, services, products and events that we actively promote.

We do not share member data or personal information with any of our partners or affiliates.

Collaborative Partnerships

Schools Running Movement

Run Mummy Run works on a collaborative basis with selected companies, organisations and charities that share the same ethos and values as Run Mummy Run. We currently work in this way with the Schools Running Movement. While we do receive a small admin fee to cover our time and costs working on the project, we do not make a profit from this partnership.


When working with some of Family Partners, we use ambassadors to help promote the content. Sometimes the ambassadors will have been gifted the product.


We work hard to ensure that all content on our website is up-to-date and accurate. However, we make no representations or warranties of any kind (expressed or implied) about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any information, products, services or related images, photographs, graphics contained on Run Mummy Run for any purpose. If you have any concerns about any of the content we post, either on behalf of ourselves or a third party, please contact [email protected].