Our Communities

Welcome to the Run Mummy Run family of communities

Since the creation of Run Mummy Run in 2012 we have grown to a collective community of over 190,000 women, all connected through a shared love of running, health, wellbeing and activity.

Over the years, we’ve developed additional communities to offer the same supportive and friendly space that Run Mummy Run is known for, covering more interests and activities.

All of our free online Facebook Groups offer a safe, closed space for women only. The groups are managed 7 days a week, by a caring team to ensure they are on-hand at all times so our members get the best experience possible.

We also now have our own online running club, Run Mummy Run Community Run Club in association with ASICS. You can find out more about the RMR CRC here.

Our Partners and Supporters enable us to keep the groups free and supported all year round.

Find out more about each of our free community groups below, and we hope you join us soon. Click the buttons below to access the different groups. 

Run Mummy Run (Main & Area Groups)

This is where we were born! The largest of all the RMR groups, this is where you can join conversations dedicated to all aspects of women’s running. It is packed full of advice, support and tips for your running. We also have 12 area groups, where you can connect with fellow Run Mummy Run members in your area, arrange meetups, find a running buddy and chat about local races.

Pre-Loved and Secret Sales

This community group enables members to buy, sell and swap their running kit, saving waste and encouraging reusing and recycling. On top of this, you can also find out about secret and exclusive sales on both Run Mummy Run running kit and accessories, as well as pop up promotions from top running brands.

Run Mummy Run Active

The Run Mummy Run Active community is a group for all women to gain encouragement and support, while sharing their love of being active. Whether you’re interested in running, cycling or swimming, take part in tennis or netball, enjoy yoga or Pilates – or any other activity! – this is the community for you.

Run Mummy Run Health & Wellbeing

This group covers all aspects of women’s health and wellbeing such as nutrition and healthy eating, periods, contraception, menopause, mindfulness, sleep, relaxation, fitness and much more. If you’re looking for inspiration for your evening meals, or support around women’s health issues, this is a caring, kind and supportive environment.