Behind the Scenes


More goes on behind the scenes at Run Mummy Run than meets the eye.

From our large community team, to our growing marketing and social media team, it is a big operation.

To ensure we can sustain the work we do, we have our wonderful online shop. This helps to fund website, our excellent Customer Service team and our efficient fulfilment centre who make sure you get your exciting RMR packages on time.

We love our shop! We design, source and purchase all of the kit our women buy. It’s a lengthy process and definitely keeps us on our toes. We strive to produce the perfect piece of kit every time, so lots of research and brainstorming goes on behind the scenes. Giving our women confidence inside and out is always the pinnacle of our agenda. We want our women to look and feel good, so we are very selective in what we choose.

With every piece of kit we aim to provide it in eight different sizes from UK 8-22. This does depend on the supplier, so it can’t be possible every time. However, we hope that as we grow, it will open up new possibilities and give us more options to source every size for our women.

It’s also very important to us that the kit and brand is instantly recognisable, so our women feel like they’re wearing their club badge. We work with designers who understand our vision and ethos to create unique and interesting designs for our kit.

What sets us apart from many others is that our kit designs have been created bespoke for Run Mummy Run. Our designs are inspired by feedback from the community, and a lot of the creations have a backstory to them as well. There is real meaning behind the designs we sell; they are unique to us and we are very proud of that.

We look forward to the future plans we have for our shop and having the opportunity to bring more beautiful running kit out for our women to wear.

Thank you so much if you have supported the shop over the years. It contributes to sustaining our wonderful community, and allows us to sprinkle magic into the daily lives of our wonderful women. Long may it continue!

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