Meet the Team

Leanne Davies

Founder / Creator / Club Chair for RMR CRC

Hello and welcome to our team page! I am the founder and creator of Run Mummy Run and Co-Founder of The Healthier Track. With a passion for running and empowering women, I'm not sure I could have found a better path to be on. I live in the Surrey Hills with my cycling-mad husband and two boys. Being fit and healthy is so important to me, and I hope this inspires my children to be as they grow up too. I have been running for 15 years now and have completed marathons, half-marathons and many other race distances. I am a social runner at heart and nothing makes me happier than lacing up my trainers and taking to the trails with my friends. I love our community with all my heart, but mostly I love the amazing women in it.

Becs Richardson

Co-Owner / Partnerships for RMR & RMR CRC

I am Becs, Co-Owner of Run Mummy Run and Co-Founder of The Healthier Track with Leanne. Keeping fit and healthy is high on my agenda and I am a firm believer in sport and exercise being key to our wellbeing, both physical and mental. I love the great outdoors and spending time in nature, and I also enjoy growing my own food and cooking up new recipes with it. I have been actively involved and connecting people in the Sports Industry for over 28 years, and I am proud to be a Director of Run Mummy Run and to be involved with this ever growing positive community for women.

Julie Bassett

Marketing & Branding Manager

I’ve been running for a pretty long time now, ever since my pre-teen days. I can’t quite imagine life without running in it, as it gives me that essential ‘me time’. I prefer to get off-road whenever possible, but I’m just as happy to be pounding the pavements. When I’m not running around after my two young boys, I’m working hard behind the scenes building the Run Mummy Run brand and managing our marketing activities, so we can reach even more women and share with them the amazing benefits of running.

Lisa Mia Edwards

Shop Manager & RMR CRC Club Treasurer

I'm Lisa Mia and I’m responsible for the Run Mummy Run shop, from helping design new products to keeping everything running smoothly. I first joined RMR way back in 2012 and I just love how supportive everyone is. I am so thrilled to be able to share my passion for great kit with you all, as well as work around my wonderful family (one husband, four children and a dog!). I’m nearly always wearing at least one item of #RMRKit, so you can’t miss me.

Catherine Mulrenan

Community Manager & RMR CRC Club Secretary

I’ve been running a long time and I’m very involved in my local running community. Run Mummy Run has been such a support to me over the years, especially when I’ve suffered setbacks and injury – there’s always someone in the same boat to give you advice and inspiration. Being able to work with Run Mummy Run, managing this fantastic community and the hard-working team behind the scenes, as well as help put on some amazing events, is a real pleasure and makes work a lot of fun.

Hannah Hiscock

Community Group Manager & RMR CRC Assistant Run Coach

You might have seen me around in the main Run Mummy Run Facebook Group, where I am currently the Group Manager. I’ve worked across all the RMR Groups now, so I know this community inside out. And what a great community it is! My own running journey started with Couch to 5K. I was part way through the course when I decided to run the London Marathon in memory of a friend’s son. Since then, I’ve completed many other races, including an ultramarathon. I have a husband, four children, two dogs and a horse to fit my running around, and I am now an Assistant Coach for the RMR Community Run Club and for Swindon Harriers, helping to coach young athletes. 

Rosie Bassett

Regional Groups Manager & RMR CRC Membership Secretary

I’m Rosie and I’m manager of the many Regional Groups for Run Mummy Run, helping you to connect with runners in your area. I’m also on the Admin team for the main community group. I was so pleased to find the RMR community myself, as the members have given me so much motivation and inspiration – I’m so proud to be part of the team! I’m based in the South West, where I live with my husband and our three sons. I originally started running in my teens, but after a big gap I started running again about five years ago and my love for it has grown ever since.

Fiona Wright

Marketing Executive & RMR CRC Run Coach

I only started running after I had my children. I hated PE or any physical activity when I was a teenager. It started as a way to lose the baby weight and get fit and became a way of life. I’m mostly found in the hills and on the trails as I love a run with a view. My role at Run Mummy Run is supporting the Marketing Department and Community with Social Media and other marketing activities and I am the new official Run Coach for the Run Mummy Run Community Run Club. I’ve been a member since the very early days and love how supportive the community is. I’ve made some life-long friends through Run Mummy Run and it’s where I always come for running support.