Everything you need to know about joining the Run Mummy Run Community Run Club in association with ASICS

RMR CRC Membership

How much does it cost to join?

Our Full Membership includes the exclusive ASICS/RMR Community Run Club vest. This membership renews on the 31st March every year irrespective of which month you join. Payable annually.

The membership fee does not include England Athletics Affiliation.

What are the benefits of a Run Mummy Run Community Run Club (RMR CRC) membership without affiliation?

You may join the RMR CRC without affiliating with EA. Please see further down the page for FAQs relating to EA affiliation. This is an optional process and carries a separate fee.

The standard RMR CRC membership gives you plenty of benefits and perks. We have listed all of them here. In non-licensed events, such as parkrun, you can run as a RMR CRC member. In order to run in licensed events (most road and trail races), you will not be able to register as a RMR CRC member unless you are an EA affiliated athlete through our club.

However, all of the other perks and benefits are the same whether you opt to affiliate or not.

Do you have to be part of the RMR community to join the club?

No, we welcome any women runners to our online running club. However, we would love you to be part of the main Run Mummy Run community too, which you can join for free here. This is a community of women who run to support, empower, inspire and advise each other on any aspect of running.

How does the subscription to the RMR CRC work? 

When you sign up to the RMR CRC, you will have your first payment taken straight away. Subsequent payments will be taken at full price on 31st March every year, irrespective of which month you join. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription in time if you do not wish to renew.

What happens if I want to leave the club/cancel my subscription? 

Payments to RMR CRC are non-refundable. However, you can choose to leave the club at any time. You will need to log in to your account on the Run Mummy Run website, go to My Account and choose My Subscription. Here you can cancel your annual subscription. You can still enjoy all your RMR CRC perks up to and including 31st March. At this point you will be removed from the exclusive RMR CRC Facebook group and removed from the RMR CRC newsletter. Cancellation requests must be made a minimum of 7 days prior to the annual renewal date to ensure that the next subscription payment is not taken. 

If you have England Athletics affiliation with us (see below), you will need to cancel this separately through the England Athletics portal. Cancelling your EA affiliation does not cancel your RMR CRC club membership, and vice versa. England Athletics has its own cancellation procedure and we will be contacted by them to release you as an affiliated athlete.

What if I am unhappy with my experience with RMR CRC? 

If you are dissatisfied with anything relating to the club, please contact us at [email protected].

Can I pay monthly?

We do not currently offer a monthly payment option. Payments are made at the time of joining for the current year and your subscription is renewed on 31st March every year.

How do I renew my membership for a new year?

All memberships will renew automatically on 31st March every year, unless you cancel before that date. If you wish to cancel, you will need to log in to your account on the Run Mummy Run website, go to My Account and choose My Subscription.

How do I access my RMR CRC membership benefits?

Once you have placed your order, you will get an email confirmation that you have joined RMR CRC. This includes a link to a PDF, which details all of your membership benefits.

How often are RMR CRC club sessions offered by the in-house RMR coach?

We will bring you training sessions once a week in the dedicated RMR CRC Facebook Group. You will be invited to join this when you sign up.

Are the club training sessions suitable for all abilities?

Yes. We will have a core training session each week, based on a theme, but we will offer options to make the session easier or harder to suit your own ability.

Can I exchange my included RMR CRC/ASICS vest if it doesn’t fit?

If you wish to exchange your club vest included with the Full Membership, please contact [email protected] with your order number within 14 days of your vest being dispatched. If there are any vests available in the size you require we will take you through the exchange process. Please note that you will be responsible for any postage costs incurred for an exchange, and vests must be unworn with all original packaging. We also cannot guarantee that an exchange will be possible due to the limited number of vests available.

How do I purchase other club kit from RMR CRC?

Members have the chance to purchase club kit (such as hoodies and snugs) that are only available to RMR CRC members. Kit will be shared via our private Facebook Group or you can browse the available kit at www.runmummyrun.co.uk/kit/rmrcrc. You will need to be logged in to your Run Mummy Run account on the website to be able to purchase the kit.

Will there be any in-person meet-ups for RMR CRC members?

We are an online running club and don’t currently have any plans to offer in-person club sessions. However, RMR CRC may evolve over time. Members may arrange to meet up with other local RMR CRC runners informally, or at races and events.

Got a question that hasn’t been answered here? Please email us at [email protected]

England Athletics Affiliation

Am I automatically affiliated with England Athletics (EA) when I join the Run Mummy Run Community Run Club (RMR CRC)?

No. Affiliation is an optional extra, which you can choose at checkout when you join the RMR CRC. There is no obligation at all to affiliate with EA. You can be a member of the RMR CRC without being an affiliated member. However, if you would like to be EA affiliated with RMR CRC as your chosen affiliated club, we can process the application for you. There is a separate fee payable for this, which goes directly to EA plus a small admin fee to RMR for processing your application.

What are the advantages of being affiliated with England Athletics through RMR CRC?

There are many benefits to being an EA affiliated runner. As a registered runner, you can get discounts on race entry fees, usually a saving of £2. If you do a lot of races, your affiliation can pay for itself very quickly. You also get access to a wide range of support services provided by EA, the chance to undertake qualifications and development courses (such as becoming a Leader in Running Fitness), and a wide range of partner discounts and benefits. Read more here. By choosing to affiliate with RMR CRC, the club will be listed beside your name in race results. It also means that if RMR CRC is awarded any London Marathon club places, you would be eligible to be entered into our club ballot for one of those places.

Do I have to wear a club vest if I enter a race as an affiliated runner?

No, you are under no obligation to, though we would love it if you did! There are some exceptions to this, for example if you were entering any competitions, leagues or championships that are for EA registered athletes only, you may have to wear your registered club colours.

What if I’m in Scotland/Wales/NI? Can I still affiliate through RMR CRC? 

As Run Mummy Run, we are only allowed to register with one UK nation’s athletics governing body. Our business is registered in England, hence we have to register with England Athletics. You can still register with EA from outside UK nations, however you would not be able to enter Welsh, Scottish or Northern Ireland championship events, for which you must be registered with your home nation.

To find out more, visit the relevant authority website: https://www.welshathletics.org, https://www.scottishathletics.org.uk or https://athleticsni.org.

If you are already registered for a club in your home nation (not England), you will need to ask for a form to switch to an English club and pay the appropriate admin fee.

Your EA registration number (UKA number), should still allow you to get affiliated runner discounts on races in your home nation, as well as English races.

How do I transfer from another club? 

Log in to the England Athletics Portal here. In the left-hand menu is an option that says ‘Club Transfer’. This will walk you through the process of transferring your affiliation to RMR CRC. There is an administrative fee to action the transfer, payable to EA, of £10.

What does First Claim/Second Claim mean?

If you only join one running club, then it is your First Claim club and the main club you are registered with. If you join another club, that will be your Second Claim club. You can race as an individual in open races for any club you are a member of.

What if I didn’t opt to affiliate when I signed up to RMR CRC but now want to?

If you wish to affiliate and did not do this when you signed up with RMR CRC, you can send an email to [email protected] and we will send you more information.

How do I change my personal details?

To change your personal details in relation to England Athletics, please log into your personal portal and change directly in there.

Why is there an admin fee to process my application? 

The admin fee covers the time of the person who is processing the affiliation applications on behalf of RMR CRC.