RMR Podcast

Welcome to our new podcast: Running Conversations. Real-life Stories From Women Who Run hosted by Founder Leanne Davies and Co-owner of Run Mummy Run Becs Richardson.

Our new podcast follows the inspirational women from our community whose stories uplift us, give us hope and inspire us every day. We will feature RMR runners of every ability, age, size and background, and be talking to women from all walks of life who have extraordinary tales to tell.

It is now available to download on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Google. We hope you will join us on your next run or simply at home with a cuppa for a chat with good friends.

Series 1 | Episode 1
RMR Member: Wendy

In our first ever podcast we talk to Wendy the first member of Run Mummy Run and friend of Leanne. We hear some never-told stories about how the community began and the running conversations that led to its creation.

Series 1 | Episode 2
RMR Member: Catherine

We chat to our team member Catherine Mulrenan. She tell us about her running, juggling a busy life with 4 children and how joining the community led to her role as Run Mummy Run community Manager.

Series 1 | Episode 3
RMR Member: Sarah

In this very special episode, Sarah talked honestly and openly about the sudden loss of her husband Steve. She discussed how she coped herself with this life-changing situation and how she has supported her young boys through this difficult part of their lives. Sarah touched on the important role running played in helping her deal with her grief and tells us how running quite literally saved her life.

Series 1 | Episode 4
RMR Member: Joanne

We talk to Run Mummy Run member Joanne Lee. and hear the touching story of our famous RMR duo Joanne and her daughter Alice. Both known so well with the Run Mummy Run community, Joanne explains more about her life with Alice before, during and after the diagnosis of Alice’s life-limiting condition, the CASK gene mutation.

While things are undoubtedly hard for Joanne, she’s full of positivity and determined to give Alice the best life she can with lots of adventures. We hear about their races together, the preparation for their first-ever marathon (on Alice’s 21st birthday), and Joanne’s goal for Alice to complete her first 5k parkrun using her outdoor walker.

Series 1 | Episode 5
RMR Member:

Inspired by the 2012 Olympic games, Che came to running later in life after not feeling sporty in school. We hear how her family and her St. Lucian heritage is very important to how she lives her life. How her running is an inspiration to her children and how her family’s history of volunteering has inspired her to do the same.

Che talks passionately about representation, diversity and inclusion and encouraging everyone to enjoy running and feel a valued part of the running community. She has some fabulous stories, listen to the podcast to find out how she became an athlete representing St Lucia!

Series 1 | Episode 6
RMR Member: Kate Wozniak

In our final episode of the series, we talk to Kate Wozniak and find out more about the journey she’s been on with her health and running. Kate openly discusses her mental health, and talks about how developing chronic fatigue posed (and still poses) many challenges in her personal life and in her running. Kate is passionate about the importance of being kind to yourself. She talks about recognising that your health is a priority, allowing yourself time to rest and heal, and learning to listen to your body. Lessons we should all live by.

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If you would like to nominate a Run Mummy Run community member to be part of one of our podcasts, please let us know here.