Mission Statement

Run Mummy Run is the leading online running network for women runners of its kind. We’ve brought together a collective group of over 120,000 of women with a passion for running, and built a strong community that we’re incredibly proud of.


For us, as a community and as a brand, kindness is everything. We want women to be kind to themselves, and follow their dreams and passions. We want women to be kind to each other, encouraging, supporting and motivating with every step. We want to teach children the value of kindness, so that they can one day make an impact on the world. We actively promote kindness, friendship, love, support, equality and unity as core values.

We encourage each and every member to pay it forward, and we have witnessed some amazing acts of generosity. We have built a strong, loyal community team, who work tirelessly to ensure that the Run Mummy Run community stays true to our valued ethos of kindness, a place where all opinions are welcome but all must be respected.


Our aim is to encourage, support and inspire all women to take up running and enjoy their journey. We want to be there to help you through the tough times, share your milestones and celebrate your achievements. We want to give you a safe, secure environment to talk openly and honestly about every aspect of running, and know that you’ll be met with kindness, respect and love. We watch as strong friendships grow both online and in real-life, and we see lives change for the better through a shared interest.

We’re passionate about encouraging the next generation to be active, and we believe that by supporting women in their running journeys, they become role models for their children, inspiring them and promoting self-belief.

We carry our passion through everything we do.  We take our time thoroughly researching every product that we sell in our shop – we want to give you high-quality running kit that is designed for female runners, by female runners. We want you to feel proud to wear our name and identify yourself as part of the Run Mummy Run community.

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Run Mummy Run: the online community that values kindness, encourages self-belief, inspires dreams and supports women at every step of their running journey.