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This is me Leanne or Mummy to some. No-one special I just hold a love of running and all the good it brings. I ran a lot before becoming a Mum, did the odd half marathon and a whole one in 2008. I tried to keep the same momentum but it was definitely harder the more children I had.

After my second baby I was struggling to keep to fixed commitments or structured running club times and could never plan too far ahead with running friends, no week was ever the same. I would nearly always find myself cancelling plans or running alone, and on dark winter nights this wasn’t fun. I also missed chatting to other runners about my running highs and lows and the support I could get from that. In December 2012 after talking with one of my running buddies (Wendy) about my frustrations I decided it was time to find a solution.

So what did I need? A network of like-minded women who loved running and wanted to talk about it. On my return home from our run I sat in my kitchen, had a coffee and set up a small Facebook group of 3 women.  It steadily grew in popularity with members joining from all over the UK and to date we have proudly reached over 40,000 Facebook members. We have since gone on to launch our online merchandise store, host motivational running weekends and win Gold in the online category for two consecutive years at ‘The Running Awards’ London. It has definitely proved to be the answer I was looking for, not only has it brought me the motivation and encouragement I need to get out there and run, I have also been lucky enough to meet some truly inspirational women who I enjoy sharing my love of running with. Where will it take me, who knows, but I am going to enjoy the journey finding out.

Leanne x

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