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ActivFeet is here to make a positive impact on you and your life. We can help re-tune your body to perform better both physically and mentally. It really is the easy way to ease pain and symptoms, build strength and endurance, relieve stress and fatigue.

The problem is most people are not aware of a hidden mechanism within the body that, once activated, connects and stimulates your whole being; a connected body turns weakness into strength, dysfunction into function – whether in your sporting life or simply, everyday life.

We liken it to your body running on Auto-Pilot. We’re here to let you in, to change your life for the better… forever. This hidden mechanism is at its most prolific on the soles of your feet.

The issue is that most footwear is designed for comfort. Unfortunately, the more comfort that is achieved, the more the hidden receptors in the feet are turned off. This leads to all manner of physical and well-being issues which can affect the entire body.

Find out more about how foot activation can help you to build strength, support training and recovery, and improve balance on the website linked below.