Advertising With Run Mummy Run

Advertising With Run Mummy Run

We offer advertising opportunities on the Run Mummy Run website, only for relevant products and services, and only in a few specific places on our website.

This page provides a guide as to what is acceptable to our community, and what is likely to be rejected. All advertisers and adverts are fully reviewed before they are published on our website.

Advert Positions

Ad Position 1 – Homepage Banners

A prominent banner advert on our homepage, sized 620px wide by 100px high. We may have up to 3 banner ads here in which case they will be rotated every 6 seconds.

Ad Position 2 – Sidebar Banners

A prominent square banner advert in the sidebar, sized 125px wide by 125px high. We have two positions available at any time.


We charge for the amount of time you we show your banner ad and have two different pricing tiers, one for each position. If you are approved as an advertiser you will have access to our online pricing and payment system, you can upload your own banner ads for approval by our admin team and can view statistics at any time in your account.


Advertiser Enquiry

Use this form to register your interest in advertising with Run Mummy Run. We will contact with you with access to your Advertiser Dashboard if you have been accepted, we will normally respond within 2 working days.

  • Let us know how long you'd like to advertise for and which Ad position you are interested in.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Acceptable Adverts

  • Health or fitness products that we use ourselves or highly recommend
  • Running or sports related kit tht we endorse

Adverts that will be rejected

  • Adverts relating to products or sevices that we do not feel re related to Run Mummy Run nd the community