Review: Your Pace or Mine? by Lisa Jackson

Run Mummy Run were asked  to review Lisa Jackson’s new book “Your Pace or Mine?”.  We asked our community member and loyal RMR Charlotte Harding to put her feet up, have a read and let us know what she thought….

When I was asked to review ‘Your pace or mine?’ I was unsure. I only started running 14 months ago and didn’t think any book could help me move from couch potato to the half marathon I am training for.

The book arrived; a cheerful cover encouraging me to take a peek; the inside full of encouraging endorsements from a variety of running celebrities and race royalty. I took a chance.

Within the pages I met Lisa, who I have very quickly started to hero worship. A big hearted woman with an amazing ability to spin any situation into a positive.

I was hooked within the first two chapters. She knows the running journey, and now I know I have a guide.

The book itself is peppered with stories from ‘normal people’. Smiley faced runners who have overcome odds to reach their personal goals. Their own anecdotes taking their lead from the main chapters.

This isn’t just a book, it’s a community between the leaves. A community that spans the marathon cities, taking me on a roller-coaster tour.

I really felt as if I was alongside Lisa on her journey, especially on her early marathons in London, Paris and Rome. Side by side as she took each step pass the sights in Europe, the US and beyond.

It took me personally into a realm of new running territory: I’d never encountered ultras, mud runs, Zombie races and races where you are encouraged to wear a Onesie. Stories that keep everything in perspective and show what running and running for charity can really be like.

Much has to be said for the supporting cast in this story as well: Aunty Rosie, Graham, and Loren as well as the plethora of determined runners and lifesavers with or without fancy dress.

Without them this would have been a very different story. I enjoyed the support and encouragement Lisa was able to receive from those close to her which she could then share with others along route.

So, highlights for me we’re the friendly chapter headings… What running taught me about…These really do focus on the matter at hand and range from anecdotes showing resilience to exploring laughter, death and nudity.

I have learned about the tension and importance of the ‘cut off’ a magic time whereby you are no longer given a finishing time if you are deemed too slow or are late in finishing your marathon.

She explores the theory and practise of the run/walk strategy and the psychological differences between running with no one to accompany you and her own brand of long distance chat running!

I am now fully intending to make use of the pages at the back where I can add my own running journey to Lisa and her friends. In the space of 10 easy chapters I have the confidence to say I am a runner. Thank you, Lisa!

To purchase the book click here: Your Pace or Mine?: What Running Taught Me About Life, Laughter and Coming Last

As well as “Your Pace or Mine?”, Lisa Jackson is also the co-author of the best-selling beginner’s running book, “Running Made Easy”, and author of “Adore Yourself Slim”.

A Contributing Editor to Women’s Running, Lisa has also written for Men’s Running, Zest, and Triathlete’s World.

Lisa lives in south London, with her husband Graham, and is a surprising cheerleader for the joys of running. Formerly a committed fitness-phobe, she became a marathon runner at 31 and, more astonishingly, an ultrarunner at 41 – and has come last in 19 of the 90 marathons and two 56-mile ultramarathons she’s plodded through.
“Your Pace or Mine?” is for all runners, from nervous novices right up to seasoned marathoners dreaming of doing an ultra. It’s for anyone who longs to feel the wonderful sense of connection and achievement running has to offer.

Run Mummy Run reviews Your Pace or Mine?

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