Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life

World Cancer Day. What can I say, I didn’t think this day would ever be as emotional as it was but it took a turn I never imagined.  We encouraged our members to run one mile and dedicate it to a loved one who had been affected by cancer or even dedicate it to themselves. The response on our Facebook community  has been incredible. Heartfelt words about loved ones lost, fighting and surviving. Still the posts keep pouring in and it has been one of the most humbling days in my three years with Run Mummy Run. Equally as nice are the comments and messages I’ve received today thanking us for supporting this cause. All I can say is my team and I are truly honoured to have shared this on World Cancer Day.

The fight against cancer is one that is very close to my heart. My Father and friend are both bravely battling cancer at the moment. I find it hard to deal with at times and there are moments that I feel very angry. My friends and family will tell you I’ve become quite engrossed in the fight against cancer, running makes a huge difference to my state of mind but recently I decided I wanted to find a way that could really make a difference.  Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer.  There are 200 forms of the disease. I often feel helpless in the face of it but I truly believe the most positive thing we can all do is channel those feelings and put the energy into something good and raise awareness and funds. I wanted to find a charity that would help fund research that finds new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Recently and somewhat by chance, the very lovely people (and I mean it, they are lovely) from Cancer Research UK and I got chatting. When we met, things instantly clicked. Their goals mirrored ours in terms of what we wanted to achieve and in my heart I just knew they were the right people to work with.  After months of talks, coffees and secret discussions, we were proud to announce in January that we were joining forces with Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life.

Race for Life was my first ever race. Ten years ago a very nervous girl stepped up to the start line to attempt her first 5k run. I remember how it felt, I was sick with nerves and worried that I would make a fool of myself and people would stare at me. How wrong could I be. The race was amazing, everyone was smiling, people held hands, runners wore messages on their back to celebrate or commemorate their loved ones, spectators clapped and smiled, how could I not be touched by this. I was on a complete high, I ran all the way round and even picked up my pace over the finish line – a success! That day changed me, as a runner and a person. It gave me a new found confidence and I knew that this was just the beginning of a new me and my long term love affair with running. I can only thank Race for Life for this.

I am so happy to be working on this partnership.  I never dreamed when I set up a small Facebook  group of 3 runners that I would be getting to work with a charity I care about so deeply about and on this kind of scale.  I feel that together we are a real force for good.  Our partnership is one of my proudest achievements with Run Mummy Run®. I am really looking forward to the possibilities in 2016 and the good it will bring.

For those wishing to be involved please keep a watchful eye on our Facebook group or sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of any page on this website.

My final word goes to all of the people we know affected by cancer past and present. Today the world stood by your side, united in the belief that we can make a difference and with the hope that if we keep pushing on and never give up, one day we will see the most magical thing happen, a cure for cancer.

I wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy 2016.

Leanne x


(To text donate to Cancer Research UK text UNITE to 70200).

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  1. Leanne, I love this partnership and thank you for your article. RFL was my first race about 10 years ago…only, I didn’t keep running. However, when my dad unfortunately died after a very brae battle with cancer, I ran my first full 5k at rfl to raise money for caner research, this has become my charity of choice. I am looking forward to see how we can join together to help combat this cruel disease. Not to end on a sad note, I have three friends, all mummies of young children, who have all survived. I run in memory of my dad but also in celebration of these ladies 🙂 xxx

  2. Lovely article. I cannot agree more with your sentiments. I am running London Marathin this year for Cancer research and too believe that together, we are stronger. Well done Leanne and love to all those who have suffered, who are still fighting and those that lost their battle. I admire all of you for your strength and determination, keep up the good work. We will get there. Xxx

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