Review: Ready Steady Mo! Inspire Your Children To Get Active

I was scrolling aimlessly through my Twitter feed, half scanning half daydreaming. However, I was soon woken up when I saw a tweet jig past announcing the launch of super Mo Farah’s new children’s book ‘Ready Steady Mo!’

I admire Mo Farah greatly. Olympic fever overtook us all again this summer. Like everyone else I was eager to see if Mo could replicate his London 2012 performance and retain his Gold medals . His performances in Rio were yet again exhilarating – with falls and drama yet still storming to victory – magnificent. He inspires me to keep striving to improve as a runner and to share my love with this sport with others.

For me though it was his post-race interviews that impressed me most. They showed the man he is aside from the amazing athlete. What a role model he is for our children. The emotion in his voice as he spoke about the sacrifices he has made to reach the top of his game moved me. In particular the time he spends away from his family and how he wants to make his children proud of him. In an age of “famous-for-nothing” it is refreshing to have real role models achieving astonishing things. Mo is the kind of man I want my sons to be inspired by.

My little boys, now 4 and 7, started to take an interest in Mo when they joined Junior parkrun over a year ago. They became interested in watching runners on TV and when Mo raced they were caught up in the excitement of watching his outstanding wins. This normally takes place in our front room with both parents screaming like lunatics at the TV ‘COME ON MO, YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!!!’. It’s true to say that our boys have soaked up our sporty enthusiasm like sponges and they are in awe of Mo and his achievements. My 7-year-old actually thinks he could run faster than Mo, I’ll let him live that dream for a little bit longer I think!

So to the book ‘Ready Steady Mo’. This is a bright and beautifully illustrated picture book that younger children will love. Mo says that he wants to capture children’s imaginations and build and sense of adventure and fun. As runners, I think we all want to encourage our children to move more and enjoy the freedom and adventure that running brings us.

Ready Steady Mo is a great way to introduce a love of running to young children and to start conversations with them about why we should be active and fun ways we can to do this. The fun, rhyming story encourages children to run whenever they can in a variety of everyday situations and to use their imaginations to make it fun.

Each page is vibrant and action packed and you and your children can do the actions to make it an active experience. Ready Steady Mo is the perfect book to share with all of our little runners. Read together, run together and then do the Mo-Bot!

Click here to purchase: Ready Steady Mo!

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