How foot activation can reduce injury and pain when you run

As runners, many of us suffer from injury or ongoing pain. This can be incredibly frustrating and can even lead to periods of time off running to recover. However, there might be something that you can do to tackle the root of the problem once and for all: foot activation. Our new Family Partner ActivFeet, wants to change the way our feet feel forever.

ActivFeet recognises that runners need a strong foundation for all their movement; its ethos is that it ‘all starts with our feet’ – feet need to feel tuned, strong and active to get the most out of our running. And by activating our feet, we can reduce problems and pain in other areas of our body.

ActivFeet’s own research has led them to realise that up to 40% of our human movement mechanism (that should encourage our muscles to strengthen naturally) has been deactivated in all of us, which effectively means that without this critical system our bodies are working much harder than they should to support our running, causing unnecessary weaknesses, stress and fatigue, leading to more serious injuries or illness.

Luckily there are simple ways to instantly reactivate this system via our feet, including products that can allow our muscle and fascia system to strengthen naturally, reducing stress and tiredness, both physically and mentally. ActivFeet therefore encourages you to ‘activate’ your feet.

Through a range of tools, resources and techniques, ActivFeet can help you learn how to take control of your wellbeing, resulting in more energy, less pain, enhanced strength and better performance.

One of these tools is tyfo – Turn Your Feet On – insoles, which are designed to instantly activate these key receptors in your feet, helping to relieve everything from chronic back pain or swollen ankles to Plantar Fasciitis. On average, we’re awake for 112 hours a week, and by using these insoles you can turn that time into an opportunity to passively exercise just by wearing tyfo Muscle Activators.

The insoles provide unconscious stimuli to your feet that will strengthen your muscles. Every time your feet touch the ground you’re stimulating and firing your body’s sensory network, while strengthening and conditioning your core foot muscles. This can then improve your entire musculature system from the ground up, improving a wide range of bodily functions and can even help provide relief of symptoms further up the chain, as high as the neck.

The benefits of foot activation are wide ranging. It can boost energy levels, as well as increasing resistance to fatigue and stress. It can also stimulate the body’s natural defence pathways against feeling pain and related symptoms. You may experience increased endurance and speed, and build strength and power, as well as support training and recovery.

You can learn more about ActivFeet and the science of foot activation here:

* This is a sponsored post on behalf of our Family Partner ActivFeet 

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