Review: No Run Intended by Hannah E Phillips

This year I turned thirty. And as well as attempting to quaff thirty bottles of Prosecco whilst crying about the fact there is no way I could achieve such a feat, (twenty one seemed far more doable therefore far more depressing) I decided to draw up a list of things I could achieve, thirty things to be precise.

Thirty things at thirty.

Obviously when the Prosecco head subsided I scribbled out items like ‘tell Tom Hardy I love him,’ and ‘travel to Mars,’ not that I thought these things were unachievable, far from it, I’m an optimist for goodness sake, I just figured they would be more financial and timely than ‘go zorbing,’ and ‘sing on karaoke.’

However, there were two things on the list that were as concrete as…well, concrete, intoxicated or not, number twenty nine, ‘write the running book,’ and number thirty, the big one, the ultimate challenge in my eyes, ‘run the London marathon.’

Now, I’d done my homework and four ‘sorry’ magazines in a row ensured I had already started scouting for charity places and fundraising ideas and amidst considering a hair shaving session and duck race a little light bulb, epiphany moment happened and I put all my little eggs (those pesky rubber duck eggs I suppose) into one big ‘what a brilliant idea’ basket and told the charity Bliss what I had planned.


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I’d write the book, all about my running and my running journey per sae, and sell it for my sponsorship. That way, I’d have a manuscript and my poor, long suffering family and friends wouldn’t be forced to purchase raffle tickets or guess how many marbles were in the jar!

Ta da!

A Double ta da escaped my lips when I finally typed ‘the end’ in bold a few hours before a lovely girl called Charlotte phoned me to say they’d love to have me on the team for London 2016, for Bliss.

Poo just got real as people under the age of thirty would say.

I then spent my time reading every bit of advice on self publishing a novel. I scoured the posts on Run Mummy Run for what type of literature us running girls were not only reading but loving. I checked, and decided there was, a little gap in the running book market for my ramblings and decided I could make my journey fit into funny, relatable and a damn good read for women like me, women who thought they’d never run, discovered they could run and how life changes when you do run.

And from this No Run Intended was born.

A funny, honest, and dare I be so bold as to say, inspirational, little book that tells my story. Its due for publication on October 3rd and has already steam rollered into the running and jogging eBook chart on pre-orders alone which just clarifies the fact everyone around me is fed up of the duck race suggestion/threat.

And intended or not, running is now who I am and what I do, other than tweet Tom Hardy or eat cake, and I am a better person for it.

To buy Hannah’s extremely funny and witty eBook equipped with it’s own Run Mummy Run mention CLICK HERE

Out on 3rd Oct (0.99p)


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