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Enertor insoles review – one RMR lady puts them to the test

Trainer insoles are probably not at the top of your running accessories must-buy list. However, a good insole can really help if you suffer from foot pain or other running injuries. The Enertor insoles are designed to replace the insole that comes in your trainer as standard, upgrading your under-foot experience. Here is our Enertor insoles review. 

There are two main types of insole. The first is for extra arch support and the second is for added comfort. Even better, Enertor offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if they don’t work for you, so it’s certainly worth trying a pair. At £24.99 (Comfort/Flat Profile) and £29.99 (Performance/Arch Support), it’s a whole lot cheaper than replacing your trainers to solve foot pain. There is also free shipping within the UK/ROI.

We wanted to give them a proper review, so Enertor sent a pair of its Performance insoles to one Run Mummy Run community member to get her honest feedback.

Enertor insoles on test

To give the Enertor insoles a real run for their money, we asked one Run Mummy Run community member to give them a try. Meet Emma Preston, who is from the West Midlands. At 43, she has been running for just over five years. She describes herself as a ‘heavy-footed runner’ and overpronates, meaning she needs support trainers when running. She also suffers with Plantar Fasciitis on and off, which is made worse by longer runs.

Emma was the perfect candidate to try out these Enertor insoles, which are designed to help relieve the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis.

Why were you interested in doing an Enertor insoles review?

So that on my long runs I wouldn’t have the pain in my arches I tend to get even after running in a supportive pair of trainers.

Do you have any injuries?

No major injuries, but I have trouble on and off with Plantar Fasciitis and with painful arches after high-impact exercise.

What activities did you try while wearing the insoles?

My exercise classes (bootcamp and Clubbercise), as well as both short and long runs.

Did you notice a difference in the support of your arches?

In my classes they were great, especially with the high-impact work I do in Clubbercise. On my shorter runs of up to six miles, I didn’t have any problems or pain. On my longer runs of up to 14 miles, I still had twinges in my arches.

Did you notice a difference in the impact when you ran or exercised?

I definitely noticed a difference with my classes and on the shorter runs.

Were there activities when you noticed no difference?

On my longer runs up to 14 miles, I still had pain in my arches.

How did they feel to wear in general?

They were comfy! I didn’t even feel like I was wearing insoles they were that comfy. The only problem I had was on the longer runs I did, I didn’t feel I had the support or that there was enough padding for my feet.

Who do you think these insoles would be good for?

Shorter-distance runners, high-impact exercise classes, and those who wish to have a little extra support on a day-to-day basis.

What are your three best things about the Enertor insoles?

  • Not hard like some insoles
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great for high-impact classes and short-distance running

What you would change?

  • To have more support, or a different one for longer-distance runner
  • Maybe if it’s possible for the more heavy-footed runner, more padding

Final verdict. Would you recommend the Enertor insoles to the Run Mummy Run community?

I got on really well with this product for all of my exercise classes, which are high impact. I didn’t have any arch niggles, where normally I would have to roll my feet after every class, so that’s a real big bonus for me.

On my shorter runs, like parkrun and 10k,  I had no pain,  which was great – my arches felt supported.

They were comfortable to wear in my support trainers, and overall I would recommend these to the community.

To find out more about Enertor insoles and browse the range, take a look at: https://enertor.com/

The insoles were supplied to Run Mummy Run for review as part of a paid promotion with Enertor, however the article reflects our honest experiences with the product. 

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