Fitbury Belt and Headphones review

Review: Fitbury Running Belt and Bluetooth Headphones Set

Run Mummy Run community member Clair was excited to be given the opportunity to test the Fitbury Running Belt with Bluetooth headphones. As a busy 39-year-old mum of 3, a way to enjoy music on her run was a godsend. Find out what she thought in this in-depth review.


“Perfect for running, gym, travel and outdoors. This waist bag and running headphones set is perfectly convenient for runners, marathoners, gym lovers, travel and hikers. The running belt is designed with a zipper spacious pocket to safely secure your phone. Fitbury’s in-ear headphones produce incredible great bass stereo sound and crystal treble. It is time to explore something new and try our super bass earphones for a multi-level listening enjoyment. The other unique experience with these Bluetooth sports headphones is that it gives you 7-9 hours music play time with only 1.5 hours super quick charge time, or enjoy 1 hour of music playing time with just 10 mins charge.”


The packaging

I loved how neat the packaging the belt and earphones arrived in was. They came in a simple packet with all the information on the back. The earphones came ready charged, so I didn’t have to waste time charging them. They were ready to go straight away. It was super easy to connect them to my phone. I simply had to hold one of the buttons down for 3 seconds and boom – we were good to go.

The earphones

The earphones come with a selection of size ends. However, the ones that were already on were a perfect fit for me. They are all packed nearly with the charging cable in a handy zip-up hard-shell case. There is no mains plug, just a cable, but if you’re anything like me you will have plenty of USB plugs! With the capability to answer, end and reject calls, turn the volume up and down, and skip and pause songs on the actual earphones, it means I don’t need to mess around getting my phone in and out of the belt. It did take me a little while to remember which button to press for how long to work the functions, but after a couple of attempts it was quite easy. With a handy little R and L on each one of the earphones, you know you’re going to get them the right way round. The charging port is also covered, so it’s kept safe if sweaty or raining. There is a ‘Voice Prompt’ function too, so you know when you’ve turned them on and off and that you’re connected to your phone.

Clair wearing Fitbury earphonesThe belt

The belt is very comfy and you don’t even notice it’s there when running. With two zipped sides everything stays safe, I have an iPhone 11, which fits in fine. It’s easier to put my phone in the belt before I put it on, but with the handy controls on the earphones that’s not a problem. A key clip would have been nice, so my key wasn’t loose in the belt.

Clair wearing Fitbury beltGeneral use

I’ve loved going for runs with them the earphones. They stay put perfectly and don’t bounce around at all. I’ve even teamed them with sunglasses and had no issues at all with them. In my opinion, they should be okay for people who wear glasses. They don’t slip when you’re sweaty either. I’ve also used them in the gym. The wireless facility is great for the gym too, as I’m free to move around without the annoyance of wires.

Sound and comfort

The sound quality is great; there was no crackling or fuzziness – it was crystal clear. They are really light and you don’t actually feel them. This is great for those long runs.


I’ve used the earphones many times and not had to charge them yet. The battery has lasted for about three weeks, when used for a couple of 5K runs and a couple of gym sessions a week.


I wipe the earphones down with a baby wipe after each run, and have washed the belt once in the machine on a cold, short wash. I hung it clipped on the clothes horse and it dried really quickly.


With three children, I find it hard to justify spending a lot of money on myself. These are priced at £25.99, so in my eyes that’s a real bargain for such a great quality item.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Handy case
  • Adjustable belt


  • Key holder clip would be handy


I would totally recommend the belt and earphones. They are comfortable and easy to use.


The Fitbury Running Belt and Bluetooth Headphones Set is available on Amazon for £25.99.

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  1. My head phones were really good , but they have just packed up, red light is on when charging but does come on to listen to

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this amazing review, I ordered and it arrived today.

    Wondering if you can help me figure this out? How do you know when the battery is fully charged and when do you know it has low battery? The light on mine has just stayed red whilst charging.

    Apprettiate any help


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