A different kind of New Year’s Resolution

I spent Christmas in Northern Ireland with family this year.  I decided to think about my year ahead. “Twixmas” or “Chrimbo Limbo” is the perfect time for reflection and planning in my experience. The week between Christmas and New Year is often considered dead time where we sit semi-comatose, binge watching box sets and scoffing the remaining Quality Street. I find it an exciting and energising time though. Each year I eagerly do a mental review of my achievements of the past year and then set some goals for the next year.

You’ll notice I say “goals” and not “resolutions”. New Year’s resolutions have gained a slightly dubious reputation recently. We make them with good intentions only to abandon them in mid-January once our initial enthusiasm has worn off. My ghosts of January past are littered with abandoned gym memberships and hideous detoxes, embarked upon with zealous enthusiasm on New Year’s Day and a mere memory before the month is out.
After many failures I moved away from amorphous resolutions such “I will get fitter” and “I will be more organised” to more specific, measurable goals. “I will run a sub 25 minute parkrun by June”. (I didn’t by the way. I’m still about a minute off). While we are more likely to stick to these kinds of goals I personally find them a little too clinical. Yes I have read the theory behind SMART targets but for me they just don’t have that optimistic New Year vibe. I set measurable goals at other times but for New Year I just want something a little more aspirational.

New Year's Resolutions Run Mummy Run

Last year I came across an idea that I found very interesting. One word resolutions. I read about the idea on twitter and then trawled a few websites like OneWord365 . Lots of these websites have a religious base but don’t be put off if religion isn’t your thing. The principles of one word resolutions are still worth exploring. The premise is simple, choose one word to live your year by. One word that provides you with a focus and guides you in your decision making.

This time last year I decided to give one word resolutions a go. The word I chose was “brave”. I would not naturally class myself as a brave person. It is something I aspire to though. I started my “brave” year with enthusiasm but not really believing I would last a whole year. To my surprise I did. For me, I was brave. I ran my first marathon. I ran an ultra-marathon on a beautiful Scottish island. I changed my career and completed a college course. I started my own business. All year I have been thinking “brave”. It really did change my outlook and I found it far easier to apply than a traditional resolution.

So, in the quiet, down time between festivities I pondered my one word for 2016. I will continue to live bravely. That has become habit now. I have decided my new word will be “balance”. I wear many hats in my life and spent the last few weeks of 2015 feeling a little overwhelmed and run down. I need to introduce some balance into my life. We will see at this time next year if I’ve been successful.
Fi x

What kind of resolutions do you set? What are your resolutions or goals for 2016? We’d love to hear about them.

Fiona Wright is a Run Mummy Run Community Ambassador. She has been running for just under 3 years and enjoys it greatly. She is mum to two young sons and works in digital marketing and freelance copywriting. She has recently started her own massage business and is studying Sports Massage at college. Fiona also writes and curates the content for www.runmummyrun.co.uk

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