Video: Moving From C25K To 10K And How To Run Up Hills

Run Mummy Run official Running Coach, Matt Buck, explains the best way to move from C25K to running 10K and how to learn to run up hills and not be afraid of them.

Matt Buck is an experienced and qualified Running Coach and adventure seeker.  You can find out more about his work and training packages and guided runs at RUNNING ADVENTURES .  He offers a range of services including coaching (from 5km to ultra running), guided trail adventures, events and more.  Let Matt know you are part of Run Mummy Run quote RMR in your enquiry.


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  1. Hi,
    I run with a metronome and try and keep my cadence around 180. Should I be trying to keep my cadence up at around the same level when hitting the hills?

    1. Hi Maddy. Thank you for your question for Matt. We have spoken to him and he has said that your cadence should be similar but ease off the pace slightly dependant on the gradient. We hope that helps!

  2. Thank you Matt, exactly what I needed, I.e. how to move on from c25k. I’m definitely going to find a hill and conquer it as that sounded exactly the sort of thing I do when I see a hill..

  3. Great tips. Feel inspired. Not run for 3 months due to fracture arm. Going to start back at the beginning but hope it won’t take long to build back up to 5k and beyond

  4. Matt said Treadmills are not ideal, I’m wondering why this is please? I do a lot of training on the treadmill as I can always get out. Is there a way of maximising treadmill sessions please?

    1. Thank you for your comment Lisa. We’ll pass your question on to Matt and get back to you.

      1. Matt says “Thanks for your question Lisa. A treadmill is very unnatural, with the surface moving beneath our feet. Whereas outside we are in control as we move naturally over the ground we’re running on. This causes the body to react to the exercise differently. They can therefore cause injury as well as bore you to tears!

        Only use a treadmill if it’s absolutely essential, otherwise get yourself outside, enjoy the fresh air and scenery, it makes for a much more pleasant run and is better in so many ways”.

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