The Family Marathon

Get the whole family running at The Family Marathon

If you’re an active family, with kids who love running as much as you do, The Family Marathon could be the perfect sports event for you!

Taking place in Victoria Park in London on Saturday 29th June, this brand-new running event offers a unique concept. It challenges you to take on the iconic marathon distance (26.2 miles / 42.2km), but you don’t have to run the whole distance by yourself. It’s great for Run Mummy Run ladies and their families to set their own personal targets and work towards a common goal!

How does The Family Marathon work?

Instead, it is up to your own team to cover the marathon distance together. Your team, which can be made of 2-6 people, can consist of parents, children, relatives and friends combining running with a great day out!

The course is a 1-mile loop and each runner in your group can run as many laps as they wish. Each person’s individual loops are added together until you reach marathon distance, when your whole team can cross the finish line together to celebrate your victory.

Under 11s must run with an adult, but the adult’s supporting run also counts towards the total mileage, helping you to clock up the distance even easier. On the homepage of The Family Marathon website there is a handy tool that you can play with to work out how to split the distance between all the members of your team!

The course is perfect for buggies, pushchairs and wheelchairs too, to help get the whole family involved on the day.

What else is there to do?

Each of the hundreds of family groups taking part in The Family Marathon can also benefit from the on-site pop-up event village. This will be situated right in the middle of the race and will offer a friendly, exhilarating atmosphere. It’s a great chance to relax between your loops, get something to eat and drink from the stalls, and spend time with friends and family.

Spectators are also welcome to come and cheer your team on the day, which makes it a great day out for those who are unable to participate but what to join the fun!

The charity aspect

The Family Marathon is organised by Hope and Homes for Children. An estimated 8 million children are confined to orphanages around the world, and 80 per cent of them aren’t even orphans – they have at least one living relative who, with the right support, could look after them instead. Hope and Homes for Children works tirelessly both to prevent vulnerable children from being sent into an institution in the first place, and to rescue children already confined to orphanages by placing them into the care and protection of a loving family. Every team at The Family Marathon is being asked to fundraise whatever they can to help raise vital funds for this cause; so as your family runs together, you can help families stay together.

The charity was started in 1994 by Mark and Caroline Cook who, during the Bosnian war, witnessed first-hand the damage that orphanages inflict on children. The charity is now at the forefront of a global movement working towards the elimination of institutionalised care for children, works alongside governments and civil society organisations in over 30 countries to ensure children everywhere grow up in families, never orphanages.

Find out more

To find out more about The Family Marathon, you can visit the event website and social media channels.




*This is a paid promotional blog post written by the Run Mummy Run team on behalf of The Family Marathon**

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