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Review: Go Faster Food For Your Active Family

I was very excited to get the opportunity to review this book for Run Mummy Run.  I am a big fan of  Kate’s original book Go Faster Food and used the recipes when I was training for my first marathon.  The recipes are delicious and nutritious and the advice Kate gives is sensible and not faddy.

I’m mum to two young, sporty, boys, aged 6 and 10.  My eldest is a human dustbin but normally makes healthy choices.  He is not a fan of a lot of vegetables though and is getting more particular about what he will eat.  My youngest is a bit fussy, grazes throughout the day and would just eat food obscenely high in sugar given half the chance.  They are perfect to test the recipes out on but they are definitely a tough crowd.

Firstly I tried the Lamb, Carrot and Pine Nut Meatballs.  My boys are fans of meatballs with pasta so they both liked the sound of this meal.  I followed the serving suggestion of serving in warmed pittas with salad, although I have to admit to not having time to make the homemade ketchup so the boys grabbed their favourite squeezy bottle.  Both boys enjoyed their dinner although I think I would chop everything very finely next time as my youngest was a little put off by the texture at first.

Next I made the Rainbow Breakfast Crunch.  Breakfast is something we always struggle with – especially on busy school mornings.  My eldest mainly wants cereal and my youngest eats like a sparrow, even trying to get him to eat a portion of fruit salad can be a real effort.  I showed the boys the beautiful photograph in the book and my youngest thought that it looked like a dessert.  We were on to a winner!  After a little prep at the weekend, making the maple and almond crisp, these pretty little breakfast pots were quick and easy to assemble.  Both boys tucked in enthusiastically and these have now become a firm favourite with them.

To satisfy the youngest’s sweet tooth and to solve the problem of them wanting to grab something to snack on as soon as they walk in the door after school I thought I’d try to bake the Banana and Chunky Chocolate Muffins.  I am not the world’s most accomplished baker, you will not see me on Bake Off any time soon, but these were easy and so quick.  The boys did eye them suspiciously due to my poor presentation and unequal spread of the mixture meaning some were significantly larger than others.  Once they’d tasted them though they were very happy.  My eldest declared “These are pretty good Mum.  I don’t normally like your cakes”.  Strong praise indeed.

I really like Go Faster Food for your Active Family.  The recipes are simple to follow and are they types of meals and foods that the whole family can enjoy together.  There is a lot of sensible advice about how to help your active children to fuel their sport and how to help them recover.  There is plenty of useful nutritional advice for parents that is applicable even if your little ones are not sporty at all.  If you are looking for a “go to” book for family nutrition and healthy recipes this book is definitely for you.

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