How can I motivate myself to run?

Do you find that life gets in the way of running too often?

I do, and I am notorious for procrastinating about my runs. As a mum of three young children and running my own business, fitting everything in can become a real balancing act. Sometimes my motivation to hit the pavement starts to wane.

To motivate myself, I find having something short-term, mid-term and long-term to focus on helps me to get out of the door. That’s often the hardest part for me. I enjoy my runs once I’m out.

Short Term

I find it really useful to have a goal and follow a plan – whether that is a personal plan or a structured training plan. I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks and I have set myself a mini-goal of doing a running streak before we go.

My daily minimum for my streak is only a mile. I have ended up going out at random times of the day to make sure I run. I went out on Sunday at 10pm as family life took over and it was the only way I could fit it in! Knowing I am earning ice-cream credits keeps me going.

Mid Term

When I get back from my holiday, I will start my structured training plan ahead of the Running Festival at Goodwood – I am aiming for a sub two hour time and a new personal best. Knowing there will be lots of other Run Mummy Run ladies there and that it is a flat course will certainly help. I do love a big race with a great atmosphere, so Goodwood seemed perfect.

Long Term

My longer term goal is Paris marathon in the spring. I am going over with some friends for a girly weekend and we are all running together to celebrate one of the girl’s 40th birthday. I will start my training plan for this in the New Year but having the race booked will give me the motivation to keep running after Goodwood.

How do you stay motivated?  What are you tips for getting out for a run when life gets in the way or you just don’t feel like it?

Love Clair x

Run Mummy Run Community Ambassador

About Clair:

My name is Clair and I have been a member of Run Mummy Run for around five years. I started running six and a half years ago, after having my daughter. I struggled to run 100 metres then, but with the support of my husband I kept going and hit my first goal of Race for Life! I have since gone on to run many half marathons and nine marathons. I love my role as a Community Ambassador and love getting out and meeting lots of other Run Mummy Run members at races and events.

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