Why I love Run Mummy Run

Defintion: Community (Mass Noun). The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common

Even though it is based online, Run Mummy Run is a true community. It is an amazing group where women’s running flourishes and friendships are forged.  Women support women, through both good and bad times, with kindness and understanding through a common interest in running.

Some members of the Run Mummy Run community share with us how joining has changed their running and their lives.

Sarah a member of the Run Mummy Run online community

Sarah Howard

A year ago I had reached rock bottom. I had no confidence, was unfit and was suffering from deep depression that controlled my life. At my lowest point, I took the decision to make a change. I booked my first ever Half Marathon, and having never even run for a bus I decided that C25K was a good place to start.

I found Run Mummy Run on Facebook and it’s now where I go first for running advice.  The support is overwhelming.  It is my go to place for support, encouragement and advice. Next month I run the Half Marathon I booked. I’m feeling nervous, but I know I will do it!

Suzie member of Run Mummy Run running at parkerun

Suzie Walker

When my son was just two years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have spent the last few years going through both treatment and surgery and I’m not finished yet.  This has made me more aware than ever the importance of being active and healthy.

Becoming a member of the Run Mummy Run community has been invaluable to me as I’m starting on my running journey. I’m slow and I still haven’t managed to run a full 5K in one go yet. I don’t mind though because I’m improving all the time.

The Run Mummy Run community really does provide support for everyone – from me as a beginner through to my friend who is training for the Virgin London marathon. Before I discovered Run Mummy Run my Facebook feed was full of cancer stories. Whilst I don’t want to knock that type of support, I hadn’t realised the positive impact the inspiring stories from Run Mummy Run would have on me – it’s amazing!

Yvonne Britton Run Mummy Run Community member

Yvonne Britton

The main reason I am still running is Run Mummy Run community and the amazing friends I’ve made through it.  My husband left me and with three small children, I rarely had time to run.  I started buggy running in order to get out more often.  Sadly, it aggravated my hypermobility and I picked up a shoulder injury. After posting about it in the Facebook group, three lovely Run Mummy Run members came to my rescue. They arrange runs and push my buggy for me, so I can still get out and run.  They have also encouraged me to sign up for my first half marathon! I love this community.

Francesca a member of the Run Mummy Run online community

Francesca Louise

I joined Run Mummy Run when I first downloaded the C25k app. I found running really tough and I wondered what I had done. The Run Mummy Run community gave me encouragement and motivated me to join my local parkrun.  Since I started running I’ve also lost 54lbs…. so there are benefits all round!

Now I’m running my first marathon – Virgin London Marathon – for charity and I’m so excited! It would never have happened without Run Mummy Run.

Lynsey Wheeldon in Run Mummy Run star leggings

Lynsey Wheeldon

I found Run Mummy Run after entering the ballot for Virgin London Marathon 2018.  I am relatively new to my town and don’t have many friends up here.

I wanted people to run with during marathon training but I felt too slow to try out the local running clubs.  I stumbled on Run Mummy Run on Facebook and then started to connect with all the Run Mummy Run ladies in my local area.

Run Mummy Run got me out running and made me believe that even whilst I’m overweight and a “plus size” larger lady, I can still be fit and active. From my first run/walk in October, Run Mummy Run has helped me achieve things I didn’t feel were possible.

Now, 18 weeks after that first run I will run 15 miles. I feel positive and healthy and am less bothered about my weight. It’s tough to fit it all in with young children and working part time, but the support and kindness of the Run Mummy Run community makes sure I make running a priority too. I have always struggled with feeling ‘good enough’ but with the help of Run Mummy Run I feel I am.

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