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How To Motivate Yourself to Run During the Winter Months

Motivating yourself to run in the Winter can be tough.  Runner and blogger Aisling Gray has shared with us how she keeps herself motivated for Winter running…

It’s Winter. The days are shorter and the summer clothes have been packed away and replaced by layers and big coats in preparation for the seasonal temperature drop.

While this is a beautiful time of year, when it comes to running, for me it signals a need to dig even deeper to find motivation.  I have to try really hard to make myself keep up with the good running habits I established over the summer months.

Here is my advice on how to motivate yourself to run during the darker months:

1) Enter a Race

I find the best motivation to run during the darker months is to sign up to a race. That way, I have something specific to focus my training around and I have an end goal in sight. For the first time this year, I signed up to a half marathon in November so that I wouldn’t lose the fitness I’d gained earlier in the year. Choose the distance to suit your needs.

2)  Follow a Training Plan

Once you’ve got a race in the diary, then you can build a training plan around it. There are loads of apps and good advice about how to get started with a training plan. Have a search online and find a plan that works for you. I really like the standard training plans on Runner’s World and have used them for most of my races.

3)  Keep Track

I pin my training plan up in my kitchen so that I look at it every day. I love ticking off each training run as I do it. If there’s a reason why I haven’t managed to make one of the training runs, I put a line through that box and make a note of the explanation. That way, I don’t feel any guilt. It’s okay to have days when you’re just too knackered or you just really need to put your feet up and catch up on the latest episode from your favourite box set.

4)  Early Starts

I prefer to do my running first thing in the morning – with juggling the kids, house, job and everything else, it’s about the only time in the day that I can fit it in. But it’s so much harder when the alarm goes off at 5am and it’s pitch black outside. Once or twice a week, I will force myself to do it. When I’m pounding the pavements I have the sense of satisfaction that I’m one of just a few people running the streets of South East London at this time whilst everyone else is fast asleep. Plus I find the days I run first thing are the days I don’t need coffee on my way to work so I get to save a few pennies too!

5)  Treat Yourself

With the changing of the seasons and the packing away of your summer attire, you also need to consider your Winter running wardrobe. Try treating yourself to a new pair of full length running leggings or a bright pair of gloves. If you’ve spent your hard earned cash on something for the Winter, you are much more likely to want to put it to good use.

About the Author:

Aisling Gray is a 30 something running enthusiast living in South East London with her husband and two small children. A member of Run Mummy Run, she has been running for over a decade and has run all sorts of races from 5ks to Ultra Marathons.

Aisling says she is not a ‘natural’ runner and originally started running to help manage her weight. Since then, running has become her best friend and she finds that it keeps her sane in amongst the madness that is the motherhood juggling act! She has an interest in healthy living and complementary therapies and is a trained Reflexologist.

Aisling has recently launched her blog to write about family life, family travel and running.

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