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The Top 6 Most Inspiring UK Women’s Running Blogs

Friday 8th March 2019 is International Women’s Day, a day that is aiming to help forge a more gender-balanced world, raise awareness of gender bias and celebrate women’s achievements.

Here at Run Mummy Run we work to empower and support women and we love to celebrate women runners from all walks of life.  So as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations, we want to share some of our favourite running blogs, written by women that we find inspiring.

Lazy Girl Running

Lazy Girl Running is the musings of Personal Trainer, Run Coach and marathon runner, Laura Fountain.  You will find a mixture of advice, personal training updates and fascinating blogs about staying active during pregnancy, returning to running post-pregnancy and breast-feeding while training.

Why she inspires us

Laura wasn’t always a runner.  She didn’t enjoy running when she was younger and she even used to skive PE lessons!  Now she is an accomplished runner who loves nothing more than helping other women to start or to get back to running.

The Fitbits

Tess Agnew isn’t just a runner, she will try her hand at anything active and endorphin based.  She is all about body confidence and showing that strong is not a size.  Expect posts about marathon training, mountain biking, yoga and even ultra white collar boxing!

Why she inspires us

Tess shares both the good and the bad and her blog is honest and real.  She loves new experiences and is willing to try anything fitness based.  Tess enjoys fitness with a sense of fun and you will always come away inspired.

Run Young 50

Katie Holmes wanted to write a blog that was relevant to older female runners who she felt were often ignored in the mainstream media.  On Run Young 50 you will find interviews with women runners over 50, articles about the history of women’s endurance running and female ultra-runners over 50 and advice on issues such as running on HRT.

Why she inspires us

Katie proves that age is just a number.  She is determined to show that by being physically active as an older woman she isn’t the exception or a ‘Supergran’.  Her blog celebrates the many older women who are enjoying and excelling at running.

The High Heel Runner

Anahid Basmajian (aka The High Heel Runner), is a busy London based woman who works hard and wears heels all day.  She was not a natural runner but has caught the bug and now loves writing about running, fitness and all things exercise in her own funny way.

Why she inspires us

The High Heel Runner reminds us that exercise should be fun.  She is intelligent and witty and makes us want to try new things (and be her new best friend).

Fat Girls Can Run

If you’ve ever doubted yourself when it comes to running, this is the blog for you.  Helen started running in November 2012, when she was 13 stone and a size 18.  She didn’t think running was for women like her, but slowly she grew to love it and now she runs marathons.  Fat Girls Can Run covers all aspects of running from explaining about speed sessions to running when you have your period.

Why she inspires us

Helen’s story isn’t just about her running to get slimmer.  Her journey to fitness shows that everyone can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.  She did not allow her weight or asthma to become barriers preventing her from starting or enjoying running.

Girl Running Late

If you are looking for a stylish runner to follow, Girl Running Late is your perfect match.  She certainly doesn’t do boring running gear!   You will find articles on her own training, race reviews, her ‘lust list’ of kit she wants to buy and subjects that mean a lot to her.

Why she inspires us

She is passionate about equality in sport and is campaigning to raise awareness.  She is also open about her struggles with anxiety.  She describes herself as having a “love affair with running” and this certainly comes through in her writing.

Who inspires you?  Which blogs do you love reading?  We’d love to hear from you.

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