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Everything you need to know about reusable period pants

When it comes to periods, we’re often on autopilot, mindlessly stocking up on whichever pads or tampons we’ve been relying on for years. But what if there was something more cost effective, comfortable and better for the planet? Introducing: reusable period wear. The team at WUKA have kindly written this great blog for us, with everything you need to know about switching to reusable period pants. 

Why choose reusable period products?

  1. Choosing a reusable and sustainable option on your period means the products won’t have fragrances, dyes or bleach which can disrupt the vagina’s pH balance. This can cause infections, and become very uncomfortable.
  2. By choosing reusable and sustainable products, we save plastic disposables from filling up landfills.

Not to mention, comfort and convenience! Two extra factors that help us continue our lives without feeling like our periods restrict us in any way. Try WUKA Period Pants, a sustainable period product option – in different styles and flows. Whether you’re light, medium or heavy flow, WUKA has a range of styles that will fit your day-to-day activities.

What are period pants?

Pants! With a gusset lining that is both absorbing and moisture-wicking, keeping you dry at all times while you bleed freely into the pants. WUKA is an award-winning and sustainable option with a variety of styles made from the most planet-friendly materials and available in a wide range of sizes. With the mission to smash taboos and make sustainable period pants accessible and affordable, the pants are not only stylish and super comfy, but they also come in different styles and are popular when exercising.

Each pair of WUKA Period Pants have multiple super-absorbent layers. The middle layer absorbs and locks in the blood, while the outer layer keeps you dry. Each of the leak-proof layers are breathable, reducing any chance of infection or odour. It’s recommended to own 5-7 pairs, however it is dependent on an individual’s cycle length. It’s also great to mix and match different flows – as some individuals may start heavy or light and it changes as the days go on.

Did you know that every pair of WUKA Period Pants saves 200 disposable pads and tampons from going to landfill or polluting our ocean? They’re also more cost effective; you could save up to 50% over two years, compared to buying disposables.

How do I use period pants?

It’s exactly the same as wearing regular pants -– that’s the beauty of it. Having a period is so normal, and should be as convenient as possible with zero restrictions. Simply wear, wash and reuse.

WUKA Period Pants can last up to 2+ years. Simply wear them. Once you’ve worn them, rinse them (in the shower with you or in the sink), pop them in the washing machine at 30 degrees, do NOT tumble dry or use fabric conditioner, and then let them air dry. Voila!

Your period-pants running partner: WUKA Boxers / WUKA Perform Seamless

WUKA has two styles that are a crowd-favourite for running. The newly launched Boxer Shorts are made from Tencel™, which is three times softer than cotton, and they are stretchy and become second skin to your legs, making running a non-chafe, comfy and agile experience. With a front and back gusset lining, you’re fully covered. Bleed freely and run like the wind!

The other style that is a popular choice is Perform Seamless. The non-VPL option, and so soft you forget you’re wearing any pants. The ultimate seamfree, leak-free and freeing choice.

Find your flow and new running buddy here: www.wuka.co.uk

This article has been written and supplied as part of a paid promotion with WUKA. 

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