When it comes to running, it’s really important that your trainers are comfortable to help you get through those road miles. The new GEL-CUMULUS 22 shoe from ASICS is designed for those of you who need a neutral shoe with plenty of cushioning. 10 lucky members of the Run Mummy Run community were asked to try these trainers out for themselves and give their feedback on the shoes. They’ve been running in them over the last couple of months, testing them in all conditions, over all distances. Here is our ASICS GEL-CUMULUS 22 in-depth review.


These ASICS GEL-CUMULUS 22 running trainers are designed for neutral runners, ie those who don’t excessively under- or overpronate. The shoes are built to be both soft and flexible, for a really comfortable run. In this latest version, ASICS has updated the design with a one-piece mesh upper and a seamless 3D print construction, meaning there is nothing to rub or pinch your foot. Using FLYTEFOAM™ technology in the midsole, you can expect a pillowy feel and a shoe that moves with your foot naturally.

Other features include a hardwearing AHAR™ rubber outsole compound in key contact areas to make these trainers more durable. They weigh just 215g, which is pretty light for a road shoe, and they have a 10mm drop.


10 Run Mummy Run community members were sent a pair of ASICS GEL-CUMULUS 22 trainers to test in the White/Pure Silver colourway. There are, however, six different colour options on the website to choose from. We asked our women to give us their feedback on important features of the trainers such as first impressions, sizing, what they’re like to run in and what they like about them.

First impressions

“I’m not going to lie; I’d never have bought myself a white pair of trainers! I run a mix of road and paths through parks and woodland, so I’m not sure how long they will stay white for! I do actually quite like them, particularly the neon pink stripe.” Becky Linsell

“The shoes are lovely to look at, a really nice shape, white but with some silver and stunning accent colours. The soles look really cushioned with a gel section under the heel and a good tread.” Rosie Bassett


“The ASICS fit perfectly. I started with some shorter runs to check they weren’t going to provoke my injury from last year. All good, so I took the plunge and decided to wear them for my second ever half-marathon. Well, I am so pleased I did! They got me round an incredibly hilly half (almost 1,800m of elevation gain!) and not a single blister to show for it! So, so impressed with them!” Carly Eeles

“The sizing was fine. I was surprised as I have super wide feet, but they were really comfy.” Catherine Mulrenan

“Fit is excellent so much better than I expected having had ASICS before, but a different model. They are true to size. I have wide feet and these shoes fit me perfectly well.” Yvonne Scott

“The sizing is perfect and I found the toe box to be nice and roomy with plenty of space for my toes to spread on longer runs.” Hannah Hiscock

Road test

“I am only short running as recovering from surgery but I am really pleased. They are responsive and comfortable.” Catherine Mulrenan

“They are very comfortable, fit well to size and easy to keep in good condition. I wore mine for light running, power walks and part of my London Marathon. I felt the trainers offered great support, look great, feel great and have a lot of life in them.” Claire Sullivan

“They are really comfortable with a good amount of cushioning. I mid-foot strike, but I think they would be super for heel strikers. They are lightweight and felt quite speedy!” Sara Jones

“The shoes are great to run in; they’re lightweight yet highly cushioned, and they feel like they absorb so much impact. I am quite heavy footed and they really feel springy underfoot.” Rosie Bassett

Final thoughts

“I’ve loved the fact that I was able to run whatever distance I wanted straight away without the need to get used to the new trainers and wait for them to ‘give’ a little. I usually have to do this when I buy a new pair of trainers. I’ve been really pleased with the ASICS trainers and would recommend them. I would definitely buy these for myself – lovely road shoes!” Becky Linsell

“They are lovely to run in, very light in weight so felt like I was running barefoot. Enough cushioning and support that I felt well afterwards, no pains that I get on the bottom of my foot sometimes.” Yvonne Scott


Buy these ASICS GEL-CUMULUS 22 running shoes online at:

RRP: £120

ASICS is a Family Partner of Run Mummy Run, and as part of this partnership ASICS gifted these trainers to our community members to try and give their honest feedback. You can find out more about how we work with partners here:

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