Run Mummy Run review KitBrix running kit bag

Testing out the KitBrix kit bag system

Run Mummy Run community member Tracy was excited to be given the opportunity to write a kit review about the KitBrix kit bag system.  As a busy 39 year old mum of 2 boys (age 7 & 2) anything that could keep her kids and kit organised would be a godsend.

What they say:

KitBrix is a kit bag system built by athletes for active people, families and professional athletes.  Made from selected, high quality fabrics and with an intelligent layout and functionality, KitBrix enables time saving convenience and easy access to essential kit whenever it is needed.

The unmatched build quality and rugged waterproof base protects your gear and the bag can be easily wiped clean or even jet washed.  It is easy to zip each KitBrix bag to another one to form a rucksack to separate kit or to create more storage.

What we say:

My name is Tracy and I have been running for about two and a half years. In that time i’ve completed a couple of half marathons but my favourite distances are 5K and 10K. I often run parkrun with my boys, with my youngest in his buggy. One day I hope to be as fast as my eldest!

I always have lots of kit to carry for parkrun with the boys and for myself when I race.  I’ve been looking for a decent kit bag with plenty of room and easy access so I was eager to test the KitBrix system.  I’ll be honest, I thought this kind of system was more for Triathletes or “serious” athletes but I was definitely intrigued to see if it would make life easier for little old me.

The KitBrix bag was folded down surprisingly small when it arrived which surprised me.  I’d been expecting something bigger, but although it was compact when I unfolded it it was really very spacious which is a huge plus point.

At the time of writing my review I was about to go on holiday, and I needed something to put my running kit in. As ever with family holidays the car was full to the gills, so I needed something that would not take up too much room.  My running kit always comes second to the family’s essentials.  The KitBrix tucked into the boot perfectly so I was pleased – I would be able to run on holiday.

Run Mummy Run review Tracy walking with KitBrix kit bag

I was interested to see how practical the KitBrix bag would be to use.  There were ample pockets around the outside of the bag and while none of them had zips, the netting was thick and fairly tight so loose items were held securely.

It would have been nice to have somewhere easily accessible for ‘quick to grab’ items that you don’t want on show such as your phone, money and keys.  However, there is room for those inside the bag so not a huge issue.

The compact bag was definitely more spacious than it looks!  I found I could fit in lots of my kit, including numerous leggings, tops, snugs, bumbag and jacket, and there was still room on the top for my trainers.  There were two zip pockets inside, one see-through which I found useful for smaller items, and one discrete one suitable for toiletries.

The whole KitBrix bag (including the inside) was made from a sturdy plastic material, which was great to just wipe clean when it got dirty. This would be particularly useful if you were putting muddy trainers inside!

Run Mummy Run review kit inside KitBrix running kit bag

The KitBrix strap was really comfortable when I carried it, even when the bag was full. I loved the fact that the whole bag could be zipped to another KitBrix bag to form a rucksack. I feel I need another one now!

Every aspect of the bag just oozes quality. I would definitely recommend it!

Run Mummy Run review Tracy carrying KitBrix running bag on her shoulder

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