Pretty Athletic skincare review

Review: Pretty Athletic Sweatproof Neutralising Hydration Gel

Finding good skincare products for running isn’t always easy. Products need to be sweatproof, moisturising and reasonably priced. Run Mummy Run community member Sarah was, therefore, excited to be given the opportunity to test Pretty Athletic’s new Sweatproof: Neutralising Hydration Gel.  As a busy 38-year-old working mum with two kids (aged 8 and 6), who also loves to run half-marathons, it can be hard to find a great product to keep her skin looking cool and fresh. Find out what she thought in this in-depth review.


  • Lightweight, cooling and quickly absorbed, Sweatproof is pH balanced (5.5-6.0) and formulated with prebiotics to help rebalance the skin after sweating
  • Formulated with vitamin C rich Kakadu plum, plus Rosehip and Chia seeds oils, to nourish and hydrate the skin, helping to promote a healthy skin barrier
  • 98% natural
  • Vegan Society Certification


I haven’t used any of the Pretty Athletic products before, but have heard good things about them. I was really excited to receive my parcel. I knew that exercising and sweating can make your skin dry, but I hadn’t realised that it’s caused because sweating changes the PH balance in your skin.

The quality of the product

The first thing I noticed was how silky smooth the Sweatproof: Neutralising Hydration Gel felt as it glided over my skin. I really feel there are great quality products being used in this bottle.  I could tell straight away that it was fast absorbing, as it didn’t leave any unwanted residue and it didn’t make my skin feel tight. After a few applications, I also noticed my skin felt noticeably softer, which I’m so happy about as I’m approaching 40 and want to take care of my skin.

I also noticed the smell straight away. I think it was the Rosehip that hit me first, which was amazing and made me want to put more on my face. I was therefore pleased to find out that it is great for pr-e and post-workout.

How it performed

I’ve been trialling the Sweatproof: Neutralising Hydration Gel for about a month now. With everyone being in lockdown due to COVID-19, I haven’t been doing my usual longer runs (I was training for a marathon before it got postponed). I’ve only been getting out on runs between 4-6 miles, finding the time when I can, around my children and my husband who is working from home.  We have been having some wonderful sunny weather and I could feel the cooling sensation from the gel on my skin during my runs. I didn’t feel any sweat running down my forehead, which is important when wearing contacts, as I have to be careful that sweat doesn’t get in my eyes, so that was a big bonus.

I’ve also been completing circuits in the garden, which really gets a sweat going, and the gel has noticeably reduced this. I also like how it doesn’t feel sticky after my workout either. Using it post-exercise has greatly reduced any redness I sometimes get and it’s good to know it’s keeping my skin PH-balanced.

Pretty Athletic skincare with SarahAny downsides?

I have to say I haven’t found many downsides of the gel.  I like how easy it is to use, both pre- and post-exercise, and of course its wonderful smell. The only thing I found was that on hotter sunny days, when I like to put sunscreen on my face, I did feel like the sunscreen affected how Sweatproof was working. I found that this particularly happened if I put it on before I put on the sunscreen, so the next time I ran in the sun I put the suncream on first and then the gel and it didn’t feel slippery and worked better at keeping me cool.

Value for money

The RRP for the Sweatproof: Neutralising Hydration Gel is £24 for 30ml. As you don’t need much to cover your face, I do feel that it will last a while and therefore is pretty good value for money.  Plus, if you really don’t get on with it, Pretty Athletic has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • I absolutely love the smell
  • I love how quickly it absorbs into my skin
  • It is made by a small British company
  • It’s vegan


  • It would be great if it also had an SPF in it, just to give our skin that added protection without the need to apply additional sunscreen


It comes in a handy-sized bottle, which means I can take it with me to work (when I return) and during races in the future, so will always have it on me post run. I will definitely be purchasing this product in the future; a gamechanger for my skin. Whether you run for fun, to keep fit, for your mental health, for medals or for podiums, this is a great product for everyone!


The Pretty Athletic Sweatproof Neutralising Hydration Gel direct from Pretty Athletic for £24. The rest of the range includes Cool Down: Purifying Gel Cleanser, Recovery Boost: Cell Repair Serum and more.

Save 20% on Pretty Athletic skincare using code ‘RMR’ at checkout (valid until the end of June 2020). 


Sarah Kaminski bio image

I have been running on and off since I was 13.  I love trail runs; nothing better than exploring through parks and woods.  I have been in the Run Mummy Run community for 5 years, which has been an amazing place for support and meeting like-minded friends, as I move around the UK a lot with my husband being in the military.

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