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Review: The Glow Method At Home – rebuilding post-natal strength and fitness

The Glow Method at Home is a system to help those who have had a baby, recently or up to 10 years ago, regain their fitness, core and pelvic strength. Run Mummy Run team member Rosie tested the programme. As a mum of three boys, she was excited to try to improve core fitness levels that had been affected by her three pregnancies.   


“The unique combination of physiotherapy, functional strength training and Pilates will help keep you active through your motherhood journey, from conception to long-term recovery. We will safely and effectively guide you through energising pregnancy fitness classes and birth preparation, core and pelvic floor rehab, and challenging workouts post baby. Let us empower you with energy and confidence, all from within the comfort of your own home.”


I tried The Glow Method At Home for two weeks. I followed The Post Natal Method; this method is a combination of physiotherapy, Pilates and strength training, and is designed to help strengthen pelvic muscles up to 10 years postpartum.

The method is set out in easy-to-follow stages. The first is suitable from 0 weeks postpartum, and continues to build up gradually to a full return to fitness. Each stage is carefully designed, and guides you from pelvic floor and core rehab, working through in stages including Pilates, full-body workouts, stretching and strength training. Things like Diastacis Recti and pelvic floor training are included to provide a supported return to fitness.

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Easy to follow

I found the method really easy to follow. There is an introduction video that explains how the classes work. The classes themselves are very clear and begin with very gentle stretches. The trainers, Jo and Betsan, guide you through each stage carefully, while encouraging you not to push too hard or rush the return to fitness.

I’ve had three pregnancies, the last being a Caesarian birth four years ago. I’ve found that my core strength and pelvic floor has really suffered and worsened with each pregnancy.

I have followed the videos from the introduction and continued on to do the workout classes. I found the classes fun and easy to follow; I sometimes struggle with coordination in faster-paced exercise classes and had no problems here at all.

What I’ve learned

Following this method has really taught me so much about my body and how to strengthen the areas affected by my pregnancies. Even in two weeks I feel my core and pelvic floor are getting stronger. It’s so good to focus on the areas of my body that some other classes just don’t cover.

The Glow Method at Home doesn’t just cover the areas affected by pregnancy – it provides a full return to fitness and covers the whole body. I’m really keen to continue with the method and see what improvement I get over several months rather than just two weeks.

The Glow Method At Home in useWHAT WE LOVE

  • The easy-to-follow videos
  • The explanations given in the introduction on how the workouts will work
  • The results


  • I don’t think I would change anything


I would highly recommend The Glow Method At Home; really enjoyable workouts and great value for the cost.


It costs from £8.99 per month


Rosie Bassett

I’m a working mum to three sons. I enjoy running, yoga and spinning.


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