Review: Do The Unthinkable by Muscle Food

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Do The Unthinkable is a new diet and exercise plan from Muscle Food. It’s a complete fitness and food system that takes all the hard work away of planning and meal prep. The program includes all your meals and snacks delivered to you, fully prepared and ready to cook in less than 10 minute; access to a wide range of tailored workouts; 24/7 access to a personal trainer and nutritionist; and access to an exclusive community of other members for support and chat.

Run Mummy Run’s Regional Groups Manager Rosie Bassett had the chance to try the plan for herself for two weeks. Here she tells us about her experience and how it all works. Plus, check out our exclusive Run Mummy Run discount code at the bottom of this article.

Getting started

I was asked to try the Do The Unthinkable meal and exercise plan from Muscle Food for two weeks. At the start, there is a selection of questions to answer where you enter your height and weight. It also asks about your goals, such as whether you want to lose weight, build lean muscle, get ripped, or become slim and toned. You can then choose from five, six or seven days a week on the plan; I trialled the six-day option.

The next step is to choose your three meals and three snacks a day from an extensive menu, some of which are ready meals and some are packets of ingredients with a recipe card – there really is so much choice.

In the pack that you receive from Muscle Food, you get:

  • Breakfast – from a selection including porridge, pancakes, eggs and protein balls
  • Morning snack – from a selection including protein bars, mixed seeds and nuts, and malt loaf
  • Lunch – from a selection including Thai green curry, chicken and rice pots, and pasta dishes
  • Afternoon snack – from a selection including meatball snacks, roasted peas and protein bakes
  • Dinner – from a selection including pizzas, tray bakes and curries
  • Evening snack – from a selection including bean puffs, Nakd bars and marinated olives

In the first food delivery you also get a DVD with the exercise plan, a recipe book and details of how the plan works. My first order was tracked and I received updates via email and SMS. On the morning of the delivery I received a two-hour time slot. The parcel was insulated and contained ice packs, so the food was all chilled on arrival.

All food is provided for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Following the meal plan

All the food I tried was thoroughly enjoyable, and really easy to prepare. I absolutely loved the variety and ease; even with the meals you have to cook yourself, the preparation time was minimal. The food all tasted great and the portions were enough to stop me feeling hungry. There is also a list of extra foods you can add to the plan if you choose to. I did add salad to a few of the meals, but it wasn’t at all necessary.

I have never followed a healthy-eating plan or diet that allows me to eat pizza and curries before! It really helps having the three snacks a day too, as you never feel your next meal or snack is far away. I do find when I exercise I get incredibly hungry afterwards, which I didn’t need to worry about on this plan.

The breakfasts were so easy and my favourite was the porridge pots – just add hot water. So super quick to prepare and eat on the go.

I really loved the rice pots for lunch, as they microwave from frozen in just four minutes; there was a great selection and all the ones I tried tasted so good.

By far my favourite dinner was the goat’s cheese pizza – it was a good size and I served with a side salad. I also really enjoyed the meal kits; they contain really high-quality fresh ingredients and a recipe card. The only thing you need to add is a drizzle of oil or salt and pepper and, as I really enjoy cooking, I still felt I had done so.

The selection of snacks was huge! I was pleasantly surprised by lots of the items; the fava bean puffs were divine and the protein bars are a new favourite.

All the food was high quality and enjoyable.

Sample of the main meals on offer

The exercise plan

With your first food delivery there is an exercise DVD. This has a fitness test and various exercises to follow. I did try the fitness test and I did find it quite difficult the first time. I haven’t exercised a huge amount recently, as I have been recovering from illness, but I did manage to complete it so it is something anyone could do.

There are also other exercise videos available in the Member Zone (which I will mention shortly) if you don’t like the ones on the DVD. I really enjoyed the yoga workouts in particular. The fitness test was much easier at the end of the second week!

I think that staying on the plan for longer and following the workouts would really make a huge difference to fitness levels, especially alongside the meal plan.

The support

When you sign up to the Do The Unthinkable plan, you get access to a Member Zone online, which contains lots of support and extra exercise routines, so you really can adapt it to suit your own needs.

There is a Facebook Group, which I found really helpful as there are other people doing the plan discussing their experiences. It was great to get some tips from others. They also have live Q&A sessions in the Group, so you can get personalised answers to any questions you have.

The cost

The complete plan starts from £60 for the five-day plan and goes up to £79 for seven days a week. This includes absolutely everything you need though and averages £1.91 per meal on the six-day plan.

How I feel about the plan

I was surprised, to be honest. I didn’t think the food would be anywhere near as good as it was and I thought I would be constantly hungry, as I have been when following other diets. Everything was such good quality and the delivery was so easy.

My weight loss over the two weeks I trailed the plan was 8.5lb, and I think it could have been more, but I only exercised twice a week.

I would definitely recommend this as a great way to lose weight and stay healthy. Going forward, I will continue eating more high-protein and low-carb options, as it really does work for me.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to try this plan and it’s changed my mind, as I had felt all organised plans like this were difficult to maintain.

If you’d like to give Do The Unthinkable by Muscle Food a go for yourself, you can save £10 on your first week’s order using the code RUNMUMMY10.


*Run Mummy Run has been paid to review this plan and was gifted a two-week trial to give it a go, however all words are our own and the opinions expressed are honest and reflective of our reviewer’s experience*  

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