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Review: The Unlikely Triathlete

It may seem odd for Run Mummy Run to be reviewing a book on Triathlons, however, “The Unlikely Triathlete” is an inspirational book for any woman. Runners will relate to many of the running stories within the book finding the author’s experiences strike a chord with their own.

As the description on Amazon confirms, “Debs was hardly a person you’d expect to do triathlons – at 41, borderline obese and diabetic she really should have considered a more appropriate mid life crisis”.

“However, despite her failings and lack of any form of sporting prowess she decided ‘what the hell’ and gave it a shot. Living proof that if she could train for a triathlon anyone can.”

The Unlikely Triathlete tells the story of a woman who had suffered with some serious health problems, but who was determined that it wasn’t going to stop her from doing something amazing with exercise.  We discover how she suffered a heart problem brought on by swine flu and that the same virus also gave her a rare type of diabetes, a condition that she will have for life.

The story begins on the morning of her first triathlon, and explains her journey to that point – the keys moments that led to this unlikely triathlete signing up for and completing her first triathlon.  In the book  Debs reveals the catalyst to her starting exercise and taking control of her health was meeting the gold medal Olympian, Joanna Rowsell-Shand  on the morning after the London 2012 games opening ceremony.


The Unlikely Triathlete meeting Joanna Rowsell-Shand
Debs meeting Joanna Rowsell-Shand


Whilst the book covers all three triathlon sports; swimming, cycling and running, the tales of how Debs first starts to run and her journey through the Couch to 5k programme will appeal to all runners.  Her humorous account of how she competed in her first triathlon to raise money for a local animal shelter including her slightly off the wall idea for increasing her sponsorship will make you laugh .The Unlikely Triathlete is honest and funny.   A tale of conquering the odds and competing in sport with no natural ability but a lot of enthusiasm.

It is a short book. However, the author makes no apologies for that saying in her introduction “I’m not going to lie to you, this book is short, very short, a novelette.  However, it is also very cheap.  I reckon in the last week or so you’ve probably spent many times more than this on a takeaway coffee or sandwich.  This book will last longer than that…just.”

Since the book was published it has been receiving “Five Star” reviews on Amazon.  With comments such as:

“Funny and moving – even to a non sporty person like me. Inspirational and well worth a read. So personal and honest. A triumph of human endeavour!”


“A book which all forty something ladies will relate to. Funny, honest and properly inspiring. A real 5 star read!!”


The Unlikely Triathlete Run Mummy Run book review


The book is available on Kindle download at 99p and as a paperback at £2.99, both available through Amazon.The sequel to the book “The Unlikely Triathlete – Part Two” is scheduled to be published in December. The author also has a facebook blog and a website.  Deborah Longman works in Communications and began writing as part of her University Degree in the 1990’s.

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