Jeffing - Jeff Galloway gives Run Mummy Run his top tips for staying motivated for winter running

Jeff Galloway’s Winter Running Tips

Jeff Galloway is a huge hit with the Run Mummy Run community.  His Run/Walk method or “Jeffing” as our members have nicknamed it is incredibly popular, helping our members to comfortably increase their distances and pace.  We are incredibly proud that Jeff has taken an interest in the Run Mummy Run community and has with us some of his tips about staying motivated with our running this winter.

5 Tips To Stay Motivated This Winter

By Olympian Jeff Galloway
Inventor of the Run Walk Run ® method

Greetings to Run Mummy Run runners! My wife Barbara and I look forward to meeting many of you as we travel to races including the Rome Marathon with runItaly. Our mission is to enhance the wonderful benefits of the running experience. Research shows that even a tough run can improve motivation and empower one to deal with stress and make decisions. But because of the challenges during the Winter, many runners lose motivation. Here are 5 successful ways to stay motivated and take control over your mood. Content comes from my book MENTAL TRAINING.

1. Enter a race, and put it on your calendar.

2. Pack a bag with any type of clothing you might need, with shoes and have it handy at all times

3. Have an indoor and an outdoor option

4. Schedule your run at a time of the day when you are most likely to do it—and don’t let something else distract you

5. Set up a step-by-step plan to get on the treadmill or out the door

If you have any questions, I will be pleased to help:

Thank you for the great tips Jeff.  Jeffing is helping lots of RMRs to achieve their goals.  We’d love to hear how Jeffing is helping you with your running.

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