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RMR cheer squad at the Great Birmingham Run

One of the great things about the Run Mummy Run community is the huge amount of heart warming support our members receive from each other.  At the Virgin Money London Marathon  last year an RMR Cheer Point was arranged at mile 19 to cheer all of our runners on.  Lisa Mia Edwards, one of our RMR Community Ambassadors decided she wanted to arrange something similar to support our runners at her local half marathon, The Great Birmingham Run.  Here she tells us about her experience of supporting and her love of this big Midlands race.

The Great Birmingham Run will always hold a special place in my heart as it was my 1st Half Marathon. Back on that cold day in 2013 I had the privilege of meeting up with 2 RMR’s, Tammy Partridge-Smith and Joanne Steele.  We had met through Run Mummy Run when there were less than 100 members – hard to believe now!

Run Mummy Run

In 2014 I returned as a RMR Community Ambassador and this time we had over 70 members taking part. Needless to say the meet up outside the library was just a little bit bigger than the 3 of us the previous year!

I had every intention of entering again in 2015 but nature had other plans for me and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take part as I would be heavily pregnant. I still really wanted to be part of the day and after seeing the reaction to the RMR VLM Cheering Squad I decided that was the way forward and got the ball rolling via the RMR Event Page.

It was fantastic to feel the buzz in the lead up to the event, lot’s of nervous people were running their 1st Half Marathon and I knew from experience how much they would appreciate our support.  It was great to be able to let them know that hugs would be available at the 20km point to help them push through to the finish.

The day arrived and I’d packed an abundance of jelly babies, biscuits and drinks. I was under strict instructions from Leanne and my husband that I was not to go into labour.  With a promise to keep my legs crossed I was off to support Team RMR!

Run Mummy Run Kit

The original plan was to meet in the Think Tank and although a few made it a lot of people were getting caught up in the pre-race chaos and crowds.   I decided to set up camp by the starting pens so I could spot RMRs more easily and dish out good luck cuddles. I was joined by the rest of my support crew, the lovely Kuli Kang and her 2 children and Nicky Adams who was also supporting her husband who was running for the Miscarriage Association.

We parked ourselves right at the start line and unfurled the RMR banner. It didn’t take long before we were approached by a lady who was curious as to what we were about – I would love to know if she has joined the group? It was great to spread the word about our fabulous community.

Now, as an RMR you tend to spend your time supporting races looking at the floor watching for socks – this was no different! The pride and excitement when you spot a fellow member is immense and really makes you feel like part of something amazing when you can cheer on someone whom you have never met in your life and they know exactly who you are.

After we had waved all the pens off we walked to the 20k point to get ready.  As we passed the finish line on Broad Street the Elite runners were already there – it was amazing to witness.  They genuinely looked like they had been for a stroll around Cannon Hill Park!

Run Mummy Run Support

We got the banner out again and set up our little picnic of jelly babies and biscuits for the runners. It didn’t take us long to spot our first RMR socks. I was getting very excited and was told on more than one occasion to calm down incase I went into labour! High fives and jelly babies were being dished out to lots of runners by Kuli’s beautiful children. I was convinced Nicky was going to lose her voice with all the encouraging shout outs she was giving.

It was so much fun supporting not just RMR’s but everyone. I know how much I appreciate the cheers when I’m taking part in an event so it felt lovely to be able to give something back. I remember being very jealous of the RMR support crew at VLM so it was lovely to be given the opportunity to set up something close to home. It’s also made me 100% want to be part of the VLM Support Crew for 2016!

Cheer Squad Great Birmingham Run

A race lacks atmosphere without supporters. That encouraging smile, that clap when your legs feel like lead and you feel like you can’t take another step. If you are ever unsure if you should go and support a race my advice would be to go for it. It’s true you won’t get any bling but you can make a massive difference to someone’s race without even knowing it…

2017 is the year I hope to return to Half Marathons so 2016 I will be back outside Morrisons with my jelly babies and cuddles to support our ladies at Great Birmingham Run – I hope you can join me too!

Love Lisa x

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