What is a run streak?

The Run Mummy Run facebook page has recently been full of posts from members talking about ‘streaking’.  No they haven’t all become naturists, they have in fact been embarking on run streaks.  So what is a run streak and what are the benefits of doing one?

What is a run streak?

A run streak is simply running for a minimum set distance (or more) every day.  You can decide your own minimum distance but most people tend run at least a mile.  Your run can take place outdoors on the road or trail or indoors on a treadmill.  Supporters of run streaking list a number of benefits to running every day.  Some people swear by it, Ron Hill has not missed a days’ running since 1964!

Benefits of streaking

  • It can help boost motivation – especially if you have lost your running mojo
  • Running daily is habit forming and if you are committed to a run streak you are less likely to skip a run
  • It’s a chance to reap the benefits of being outdoors in the fresh air every day
  • It can boost your running confidence
  • It gives you at least 10 minutes every day of ‘me’ time and head space.

But how as busy women can we fit a run streak in?  Is it healthy to run every day?  We asked some of our members who have been streaking during October ….


Shona’s Story

“Tomorrow will be day 60. It started back in August as running a couple of miles and before I knew it I had run every day for 5 days. Then thought could I make this into a week……10 days…..a month.  I feel stronger. I’ve got more energy. I’ve got quicker from running 9 min mile pace to achieving a sub 7 min mile. But more than anything I feel like I’ve reclaimed myself back from this awful illness of M.E.  The old me is returning and I’ve never been happier.  There are days when I don’t want to run. I feel so tired but I’ve always felt better for running even if it’s just for one mile.  My advice is to not to run too far. I’ve been running 3 miles every day. This is the longest run streak I’ve achieved. In the past I’ve got to 20 days but then been exhausted and had to give up.  Run streaks aren’t for everyone but I’m loving it”.

Run Streak



Lucy’s Story

“I am not a natural runner. I had fallen out of love with running. Life and daily stresses got in the way of going for a run. I signed up for the October streak and I have run at least a mile every day. For the first time ever I am running without music, listening to my breathing and to the sounds around me. I am in love with getting out every day, setting my alarm a little earlier and running. The freedom is fabulous. I am running faster and I feel my physical and mental health has improved. The reluctant runner is now a happy streaker!”




Tips for a successful run streak

  • Start small, run just a mile or 2 everyday to start
  • Have ‘rest’ days – It is still important to give your body a break. Make sure you have a number of ‘rest runs’ each week which are light in intensity, short in distance and slow paced.
  • Do a ‘rest run’ in the morning and then do your next run in the evening of the next day to let your body recover
  • Keep your runs varied and fun. Don’t get bored running the same routes every day
  • Make sure you warm up and stretch well afterwards. Use a foam roller a few times per week


Have you be inspired to try a run streak by Run Mummy Run?  We’d love to hear from you.

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