Recipe: Creamy avocado, bacon and basil spaghetti

Regular Go Faster Foodies will know that I’ve got a bit of a thing for avocados! They are, admittedly, heavy on calories, but these calories are absolutely rammed with energy-fuelled nutrients. A rich source of healthy unsaturated fat, avocados pack a nutritional punch with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. In fact, they contain even more potassium than bananas, so to recover after a long run you might like to try half an avocado for a change, simply spread on a hunk of delicious fresh bread, sprinkled with a little salt and a squeeze of lime juice. Mashed into this ‘slow-release’ spaghetti dish, avocados add a delicious creaminess and will help strengthen the immune system to protect you through your training.



Energy (kcal) 661 Protein (g) 22

Carbohydrate (g) 66 Fat (g) 35

Of which sugars (g) 1 Of which saturates (g) 8.5

Salt (g) 1.5 Fibre (g) 7.5


Prep time 5 mins | Cook time 15 mins


Ingredients to serve 4

· 400g spaghetti, wholemeal if poss.

· 4 slices of bacon

· 2 ripe avocados

· 1 large clove garlic, peeled and crushed

· large pinch of salt

· plenty of freshly ground black pepper

· squeeze of lemon or lime juice

· 25g feta cheese, sliced very thinly or crumbled

· 25g pack of basil leaves, roughly torn

· 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

· 200g pack of cherry tomatoes, halved

· 1 dried chilli, crumbled



1. Cook the spaghetti in a large pan of salted boiling water, according to the instructions on the pack.

2. While the spaghetti is cooking, grill the bacon. When it is nice and crispy, transfer to a plate, cool and break into pieces.

3. On a chopping board, cut the avocados in half and remove the stones. Scoop out the flesh and transfer to a flat plate. Mash with a fork, then add the garlic, salt and pepper, squeeze of lemon or lime juice, the torn basil leaves and most of the feta (keep a little basil and feta to the side to sprinkle on top for decoration).

4. Drain the spaghetti when it is ready, saving about 2 tbsps of the cooking water to prevent it from sticking. Return it to the saucepan, with the reserved cooking water, and then stir in the avocado mixture, the crispy bacon and the baby tomatoes and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Mix thoroughly until well combined.

5. Serve on four warmed plates and sprinkle over the reserved basil and feta, and a few sprinkles of dried chilli.

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