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Jeffing in hot weather – top tips from Jeff Galloway

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Jeff Galloway created the Jeff Galloway run walk run® programme, or ‘Jeffing’ as it is more popularly known by the Run Mummy Run community.  He is an experienced endurance athlete and is used to running in a variety of extreme weather conditions. After hearing about the recent UK heatwave he wanted to pass on his top tips to us for running in warm weather.

Hi Run Mummy Run


I know that you have recently experienced a heat wave over there in the UK —similar to the heat that we deal with in the US.  Having helped thousands avoid heat issues while continuing to run, I am sending you these tips:


    • Run before the sun gets above the horizon, while staying safe


    • When it’s hot, run 1-3km loops and have an ice chest full of ice water.  Each loop, pour two cups of ice water over your head


    • Walk when you are extremely hot—you will get the same endurance.


    • Get medical help if you experience any of the preliminary signs of heat exhaustion: hot and cold flashes, cessation of sweating, loss of concentration, diarrhea, vomiting.


    • Adjust your run walk run® strategy as the temperature increases:


    • Slow by 20 sec/kilometer for every 2.5C above 15C


    • Adjust your run walk run® strategy as you slow down


15C                                                    20C                                        30C
6 min/km                                      6:40/km                            7:20/km
(90 sec run/30 sec walk)     (60 sec/30 sec)                       (30/30)


7 min/km                                       7:40/km                           8:20/km
(60 sec run/30 sec walk)    (30 sec/30 sec)         (run 15 sec/walk 30)


Jeff Galloway

What is Jeffing?

Jeffing is the abbreviation used to describe the Jeff Galloway run walk run® Method.  The Jeff Galloway approach started in 1974, when Jeff was teaching a group of runners with varying abilities.  He decided he wanted to develop a way of helping them all to achieve their distance goals in a manageable way that minimised fatigue and injury.  Over a number of years, he developed his hugely popular run walk run® method that has now been used by over a million people.

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